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LEGO Leicester Square – Opening Soon

Forget Christmas Day this year, for all fans of Lego in England (and the UK) November 17 is this years Christmas Day. Its the day LEGO opens its flagship store in London, or Leicester Square to be precise.

Although LEGO currently has 13 stores across the UK already, including places such as Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and er….Watford, and a total of 36 in Europe, none of them will have the the same floorsize as Leicester Square’s, a massive 914 square meters spanning over two floors.


Many photo’s are currently under wraps at the moment but what we do know is the store will feature a 200,000 piece Big Ben replica, include working lit up clockface which is currently being built brick by brick and spanning over the two floors and standing over 6.5 meters high. It is estimated it will take over 2,280 hours to complete…. thats 95 days, or over 3 months… Even though I’m one of those LEGO builders who once I start a set, need to finish it, in this case I’m not quite sure I’d manage it.


Promising exciting new technology within their flagship store, LEGO are also promising exclusive sets, a variety of large LEGO models, hands on building areas, as well as building demonstrations live in store. Not only that, they will also be a Pick & Build brick wall and new iconic LEGO experiences too.


Finally another exclusive to the Leicester Square store is a new mascot named Lestor, who if you have passed the store recently, would have seen him on public view via the stores construction facade. Lestor is described as “a quintessential English gentleman” and ‘a tea-drinking LEGO mini figure” who is an expert on all things pertaining to the capital city and obviously all things LEGO.


I for one can’t wait until the new LEGO Leicester square store opens and an trying to plan a visit down to the capital already… its only 53 days to go…!


As a member of the LEGO family group and an avid fan of LEGO myself, I’ll be bringing you more information as I get it.


Until next time


Jim x