LEGO F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck Review (Set 75913)

With Christmas approaching at rapid pace you might be wondering what to get your F1 mad other half and whilst you’ve already got them race day experiences in the past, you’re looking for something a little different and a bit of a collectors item. Well LEGO might be able to solve that with their Speed Champions series and in particular the Lego F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck Set (75913).


This set, although aimed at those 8 years and above, would be idea for anyone who has a passion for formula 1 with its incredible lifelike designs. Throw into that a LEGO enthusiast and you are well on your way to a christmas present winner this year.

Lego Speed Champions

At 884 pieces and roughly taking around 1.5-2hours to build this set comes complete with replica race car and race truck comprising of 2 sections, a storage compartment for the car between races as well as the technical area which includes computers, tools and even some spare parts such as a new front nose and a couple of spare tyres.

Lego Ferrari Truck

There are also 6 mini generic zithromax figures in the set, a driver for the truck, the race-driver and four technicians. What is also really refreshing to see is that its not just all men mini figures either. There is also two tool storage boxes, a trophy for when you win that race (obvs) as well as a scooter for travelling around cool cities after race day.


The truck cabin is also able to detach from the main trailer too meaning you can park it up somewhere and go for a ride in the cabin… or maybe even use the cabin to race too ūüôā


The trailer itself have easy to open sides to both help when travelling and when arriving as well as being able to stand easily thanks to a moveable standing feet. The trailers back door also opens into a ramp and with the flick of a little button in the first trailer compartment, the F14 T car will go rolling down the ramp ready for race day.


It really is the perfect set and priced at around ¬£79.99 (have a look around though as I saw it for at least ¬£15 cheaper last week ūüėČ ) you’ll be glad you bought this when your other half is quiet on boxing day this year.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.