LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Jokerland Review (Set 76035)

Being a massive fan of Lego as well as a SUPER massive fan of all things Superheroes, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how much it excites me when the two are fused together. Lego’s DC Comics collection does just that with its Batman series and I got the chance to review the Lego DC Comics Superheroes Jokerland Review (Set 76035).

The Jokerland set is the largest of the DC Comics collection coming in at 1037 pieces which was split between 8 bags and has a rather large instruction booklet coming in at a whopping 223 pages.


IMG_7046As is customary for Lego collections, each bag (where possible) creates a section of the build which can normally be completed as a standalone build so in this case, if you had a group of children around you could split out the bags each and set them to work. Given it has a lot of pieces, I took the parental decision to build this whilst H was safely tucked up in bed as I know the sheer volume would mean he would become ever inpatient waiting for its completion so why not save us both from the *pleasure of that and let him wake the next morning to it all set up ready for us to play with.


The set itself has several elements to it, firstly you are provided with no less than eight minifgures which can be broken down to good vs evil and four on each side. Batman, Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy making up the goodies and Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn the baddies.


As well as this you can expect to find Batman’s iconic Batmobile with built in weapons both at the front, in the form of missiles, and at the back with exhaust stud shooters too. Although you can buy a version of the bat mobile separately, I really think this version is just as good so would advise if finances allow to purchase this set as the rest of the sections you get have equally great playability too.


Harley Quinn’s bike ride is next which includes a tightrope across two high standing platforms whereby Robin is tied underneath Harley Quinn and his motorcycle and looking very much like he’s in serious trouble. I would say that the concept is pretty good although with H only augmentin 1000 being 4 years old, this section is probably a little too flimsy for him as his heavy hands were prone to breaking the single brick tightrope. That said, for older children they shouldn’t have any issues riding Harley Quinn back and forth the platforms much to Robin’s dismay.


Poison Ivy’s ride reminds me very much of classic film “Little shop of Horrors” with a classic “drop” style fairground ride thrown into the mix. The detailing on the ride such as the harnesses really add to its look and help with imagination / playability aspect too. Will Batman save Starfire before she’s eaten by the mutated plants…?


Penguin’s Deadly Duckie wheel, complete with turning mechanism sees Beast Boy chained up in one of the duck carriages facing being blown up by dynamite, all whilst Penguin looks down from his viewing platform above… Did I mention that sharks are waiting below to pick off any pieces of Beast boy should he manage to get out?


Finally, the main ride sees Joker standing at the top of his fun house complete with magic mirrors and a slide which conveniently goes into a pool of poison. The ride also has features a giant clown face with moving hat, rolling eyes and spinning dicky bow, just to add to the already warped and slightly crazy fair…


There is so much to play with in this set, either separately or all together. All rides have moving parts and are really colourful as you’d expect with any fairground. The build itself took me a good 2 hours but due to the nature of the set and having multiple parts, that time flew by and I certainly enjoyed moving the mat on the carpet floor and getting stuck in.


It is worth noting that there are numerous small pieces as you’d expect with a set like this so make sure any really little people are out of the way.



If your looking for a good Lego set which will last well into the next year, I would really recommend this set. Its not cheap retailing in at around £80 but it will give your Lego fans hours of fun both building and playing with the set.


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NB: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.