LEGO City Police & Great Vehicles sets released now!

Well unlike most of us, slowly getting back to business and coming to the reality that Christmas is over, LEGO have been releasing several new sets from their classic, and H’s favourite range, LEGO City.

LEGO have launched two lines to add to its everyday city range, LEGO City Police 2017 and LEGO City Great Vehicles.



The latter range of vehicles Great Vehicles have all been designed to allow those imagination juices to get flowing having none less than eight vehicles all priced under £25 so all very much in the lower price brackets but providing great value too.

Theres everything from a cool LEGO City Pizza Van (60150) selling pizza’s on the go through to a Race Plane (60144) and Fishing boat (60147).

I think H’s favourite meanwhile will be the Sweeper and Excavator set (60152) as he loves something a little different and the sweeping brush attached to the truck will really get his excitement going.

Meanwhile LEGO have also chosen to update its LEGO City Police range for 2017. I personally love the Police range as each set allows you to play out a different scene involved both Police and Crooks, whether that be a high speed chase on bikes, an ATM break in and run job or even a takeover of a money transporter. These mini sets, like the LEGO City Great Vehicles come in at less than £25.

However for those really into the good vs. bad role-play, you can also pick up the more expensive but massively attractive Police Station (60141) for £84.99 which also comes with 7 minifigures (and Police dog) or the slightly cheaper Bulldozer Break in (60140) which includes two Police vehicles, said Bulldozer and also bank to break into as well as 5 mini figures for your enjoyment.


All sets are out now and are calling out for the spending of any Christmas money you received which, if like me, is starting to burn a hole in your pocket as you haven’t spent it yet. For more information check out now.


Until next time