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LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905 Review

If I’m asked to choose what type of LEGO sets are my favourite I would have to say buildings or lairs. Yes the mini figures are fab as they have so many different types collecting them never ends and yes vehicles have great playability but they never normally have as many differing functions as Buildings, well lairs or scenes to be precise. That was, until now… and until the LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905.

This set is made up of 581 pieces as well as coming with no less than 5 mini figures, the caped duo, Batman and Robin as well as villains; Man-Bat and the Kabuki Twins. Its also interesting to note for seasoned Batman Minifigure collectors that Batman is packing a molded utility belt for the first time rather than it being printed onto his torso. It actually comes with a spare too so its not only Batman that needs to enjoy this new addition 🙂

In terms of weapons, each character also comes complete with their own, Batman with his Batarang, Robin with the Batman Merchandise (“Merch”) Gun, Man-Bat with a stick of dynamite and the Kabuki Twins with their renowned claw hands. This means that everyone has some kind of playability and impact in whatever imaginative scene you want to re-enact.

The build itself is split into 7 bags over two pretty sizeable build instructions so I would leave a good two hours aside if you want to build it all in one sitting. If adding a child into the equations, a good half a day straight is more your reckoning. 🙂

Once complete the Batmobile measures at an impressive 11″ inches long, 3″ high, 5″ wide and when it is built looks simply amazeballs!!! It has a roof pop off function which works by twisting the rear engine exhaust to allow Batman and Robin to jump out and fight the villains in person. The Batmobile buy diflucan also has two built in stud shooters which are well hidden if you aren’t keen on your little ones seeing them. Small batwings on the side which can tilt slightly for effect but the main attraction for me are the wheels.

As mentioned in my opening paragraph I’m normally left wanting a little bit more functionality on the vehicles rather than just the great amount of replica detail but these wheels give you that and SO much more! They have the ability to pivot both horizontally and vertically meaning that the Batmobile can go from low level to monster truck in seconds or to sideways driving in just as quick time. Infact, you can use these to create a multiple of different options such as high at back, low at the front for example. Having this means you can really let loose building obstacles and scenarios to test the Batmobile to its limits and have even more run role playing.

As you’d expect the detail on the Batmobile is fantastic, things such as the numberplate’s (showing Batitude), the exhaust pipes along the side, personalised wheel trims and light detailing all enhance the appearance of this awesome set. Not to mention the Batarang sitting proudly on the front.


Currently priced at ÂŁ54.99 it falls into the middle priced builds but I do think that given the added functionality, the 5 minifigures and gorgeous detailing, this really is the best vehicle I own to date. If you haven’t already, get yourselves a ticket for the forthcoming LEGO Batman Movie and you’ll see just how cool the model replica is in comparison.


For more information on the LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905 and other LEGO Batman Movie sets, check out the LEGO Batman Movie microsite on


I’m off now to fight Mr J (or Joker to his non BFFs) so….

Until next time

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