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LEGO Angry Birds King Pigs Castle Review (set 75826)

If like me you have owned an iPhone since its release, chances are you would have downloaded many addictive games during that period and if you were asked to name some of them, you’d be sure to name Angry Birds as one. Put this together with the all time top toy, LEGO, and you’ve surely got a winning combination, LEGO Angry Birds King Pigs Castle.

In line with the Angry Birds Movie, released last week, LEGO have released several sets ranging from the small to the large and we were fortunate to review King Pig’s Castle – set 75826.


Coming in at 859 pieces and a 120 page build manual, this is the largest of the current sets however as you’d expect with Lego, the build is split over 8 different bags so if, like us, your little one has the attention span of a nat, you can easily split the build over several nights…. or just complete the build after they have gone bed and blame it on the fairies / elves šŸ˜‰


Alongside the build there is also 3 piggies (Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and King Pig Leonard), Mighty Eagle (for those struggling to knock down the pig’s) and of course the iconic Angry Bird Red.

The Pigs Castle is split into three sections with each section having not only a pig to aim at, but also ‘looser’ objects such as boulders, balloons and signage meaning you have plenty to attack. The set also comes with a set of those stolen eggs with the Piggies are trying to hide order zithromax online from the Angry Birds. Can Red and Eagle save the eggs in time before they go down the slide chute into the cauldron for cooking by Chef Pig for King or will the Pigs escape using the hidden TNT box with wings to survive another day?



With regards to the attack, no Angry Birds build would be complete without a catapult and thats exactly what you get with this Lego set too. Simply pop your Angry Bird into the basket and push down on the front of the catapult and ATTACK!


The build in total took around 2 hours but as mentioned early, you could quite easily build in three sections (or by the 8 bags) meaning you can perfect your aim skills at each section before bringing them all together for one big level.

H really enjoyed the playability with this one as unlike most Lego collections, the aim of this one is to “break” parts of it so it added something a little different to compliment the imagination / role play element we already enjoy.


LEGO Angry Birds King Pigs Castle is available to buy now and is priced at Ā£74.99 which although is one of the higher priced sets in the range, does have a lasting playability to match.

We’re off to try and catch more hits on film and to see if we can rescue those eggs…


Until next time

Jim x


NB:Ā The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.