Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

So with just under two weeks to go now until Christmas Day, you will most likely be falling into one of two camps;


  1. Your Christmas present shopping is all (or very nearly) done and you’re sitting all smug getting ready to tuck into your first box of Quality Streets (other brands are available) and enjoy Christmas classics like Elf, The Holiday or Arthur Christmas; Or…
  2. You’re too busy convincing yourself that although you still haven’t started, you have a pretty good idea in your head what you are buying people so why panic…?


As a previous regular in camp 2 prior to kids and Mrs F, I can categorically confirm that most of the stuff you thought would be ideal presents will either no longer be relevant or won’t be available.
Fear not though…! In an attempt to pass on some goodwill, I’ve complied my list of Last minute Christmas gift ideas…



1. Air Wars Battle Drones

Drones are all the rage at the moment but the price of some of them are way out of most peoples budgets as well as well, let’s be honest, they are a bit of a one person toy. If I was given one (which for the record Mrs F, I’d love one) I wouldn’t let anyone else fly it…ever! Well why not buy a much cheaper version which rather than just taking pretty videos, it’s main purpose is to do battle and as a result you get two in a box meaning an idea sharing gift for nieces and nephews (or you) come the 25th December. I’m talking about the Air Wars Battle Drones¬†which come ready to go straight out of the box (batteries included) and have two weapons which you can add to your drones as these are built to withstand collisions or falls and even have 4 built in battle moves too to take down your father in law, I mean opponent ūüėČ Priced around ¬£69.99 these are definitely great fun for all.



2. BrickHeads
These little miniature creations are the work of LEGO and rather than their typical minifiures which are made up of legs, torso and hair, BrickHeadz are built using traditional LEGO pieces and stand around 2″ (7cm) tall. These are great for any collector or film fanatic as they tend to follow these in their collections, current favourites are the LEGO Ninjago Movie and Star Wars. Suitable for most ages and great for stocking fillers too especially given their ¬£9.99 price tag.



3. Mitre Star Wars Scriballs

Have an excited fan of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi? Are they a fan of football too? Then why not combine the two by buying them a Mitre Star Wars Scriball (see what they did there?). These balls come come in mini and size 3 and have a pre printed Star Wars design, such as BB-8, Yoda and Darth Vadar. Alongside this is a set of 5 colour pens to bring your ball to life and when you are finished, there’s even a pump so you can kick it around or a stand to show it off with. The fact it’s made by leading football designers Mitre means it’s a steady ball as well. A great alternative gift from the usual. Priced between ¬£12 – ¬£15 means it won’t break the bank again.


4. Marvel Comics Spiderman Glass
Following on from the lines of superhero fans, as well as another perfect stocking filler… why not check out this Spiderman Glass from the massive online gift ideas store Paladone. Fed up of using the office’s mis-match of chipped and grotty glasses during those 9-5 hours then why not get yourself one of these 400ml bad boys… or why not get your colleague one for the secret Santa this year? Priced at only ¬£6.99 its well within budget.


5. BABY born Wonderland Fairy
If you are looking for a doll this Christmas then be sure to check out Baby Born from Zapp Creations. Buying Dolls are literally a minefield but the Baby Born ones don’t need batteries and still come with a range of great features and accessories just like the BABY born Wonderland Fairy. This doll has no less than 9 functions and 11 accessories. With functions such as drinking from bottle, eating food with spoon, using the potty and even being bathable, this is an ideal gift for younger ones who love playing mum or dad to dolls. Priced around ¬£35.99 for the accessories and functions, these are not bad prices at all.



6. Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope
Moving into all things nature and everyday world, this present is ideal for the curious and inquisitive. Attach this microscope lens to most smartphones and you’ll instantly have a 30X zoom lens to be able to capture close up photo’s in a new light with both stunning detail and minute imagery. A perfect gift for helping children (and adults) to learn about the world around them and so portable too. Another cracking choice from gift store Paladone priced only at ¬£9.99.



7. Speck Presidio Show iPhone X Case

If you are one of the massive lucky people who are fortunate enough to get (or actually buy yourself) an new phone for Christmas then make sure you check out the range of cases made by leading case protection specialists, Speck. Given that the iPhone X costs as much as an average quarterly mortgage payment, don’t skimp on a cheap pointless case. The Speck Presidio Show case still ensures you can appreciate your new prized possession by ensuring the phones appearance isn’t compromised but that you can also be safe in the knowledge that it can withstand a drop from as high as 10 feet. Although priced at ¬£29.95, when you consider the cost of replacement of your phone, this is a bargain in comparison.



8. LEGO Ninjago Movie Water Strider (70611)
If like us you have know a massive LEGO Ninjago Movie fan then you can pick up some bargain sets right now at great prices like this LEGO Ninjago Water Strider. The battle machine has 494 pieces which features a¬†360-degree rotating and opening minifigure cockpit, 6-stud rapid shooter and 4 posable legs with hover-pad-style feet. The set also comes complete with 4 mini-figures including ¬†main characters Nya and Kai too. If you do a little bit of searching you’ll find it priced at around ¬£33.99 and will be pushed to find a near 500 piece LEGO set for so low so close to Christmas.



So that wraps up my last minute Christmas gift ideas and you’ll be pleased to know at the time of writing this, all were in stock and available so grab them now before they sell out and you are left paying over the odds for others.


Until next time





NB: Some of the items featured in this gift guide have been provided for sample however all opinions regarding them featuring in my guide are my own.