Keeping mattresses dry with BSensible Bedding

BSensible Bedding

We’ve all been there as parents, you hear a cry in the night from your little one, go in to check and find they’ve been sick… Cue a full scale change of sheets as they’re soaked, only to find the mattress protector is also soaked, thats if you even have one on (seriously? you must be foolish if not). Well thanks to BSensible bedding, why not save yourself the hassle and give you that protection with fitted sheets and pillow cases that have protection built in.

Little D is currently well underway with her quest to become potty trained and whilst she’s doing really well during the day, we haven’t started attempting the dry nights yet as her pull ups tend to be pretty heavy come the morning. Whilst I know we need to start taking the plunge and learning her the need to stay dry during nap times, the prospect of several bedding changes at silly o’clock isn’t appealing. The other option though is the occasional nap she still has during weekends.

BSensible bedding would be ideal for this as not only are these fitted sheets made of natural and sustainable fibres, they are breathable and waterproof too.

Add to this the following;

  • Odour reducing
  • Smooth
  • Silent
  • Dust mite barrier
  • Extendable skirt (32cm)
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable

The pillow cases also come with a zip to ensure the pillow both stays in place as well as providing zithromax no prescription added protection. Don’t worry though, the zip is also hidden by a fold over cover so no little fingers will be tampering with it when you’re out of sight.

Having used it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve been really impressed that its lived up to its claims  as you can see in the photo, water really does not penetrate the sheet keeping D’s new mattress stain and germ free… also washes really well too. 🙂

BSensible have a range of bedding products from babies through to children and adults, all offering the same protections and piece of mind. They also have 16 different colours, all of plain designs meaning they will compliment any duvet bedding you already have. Although not on the cheap side (single sheets are £35) the fact you have a really good quality fitted sheet which also doubles up as a mattress protector (and not a cheap one at that) means you would expect to pay more for these.

We are more than impressed and will look to get some sheets for our own bed… not that I’m currently potty training, although the odour protection is appealing 😉

For more details on the whole bedding protection ranges, check out BSensible and see what you think.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with a set of BSensible bedding products in exchange for an honest review and all opinions remain our own