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Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review

When Karcher heard we were planning for our annual garden spring clean, they got in touch to see if we wanted to go one step further and test out their K4 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer model by pressure washing the paving stones and anything else we thought might need a more ‘thorough’ clean.

Having previously mentioned how much we love getting out door as well as my love of gadgets, I couldn’t wait to get cracking with a pressure washer.

The K4 Full control Home pressure washer comes complete everything you need to clean your home such as;

  • T350 Patio Cleaner – for cleaning patios 5x quicker
  • Vario Power Spray Lance
  • Dirt Blaster Spray Lance
  • 3 in 1 stone and facade detergent

The blaster gun itself has a display which tells you the power of the water (Hard, Medium, Soft and Spray) so you can tailor the pressure washer to the type of surface you’re wanting to clean. As we starter by cleaning our paving stones, the hard spray option was an easy choice to get rid of the moss and mud covered flags.

The pressure washer was incredibly easy to set up but is worth noting that it doesn’t come with a hose pipe to connect to your tap so you’ll need to factor this in. We already own a hose so was up and running within 10 minutes of opening the box thanks to the twist and push connections which make up the blaster.

Although this set does come with a paving detergent, which is easy to use thanks the Karcher’s push and click function, we opted to try the washer without it as we are the type of family which would rarely buy added extras if not necessary and I was amazed just how well the washer worked as getting the paving clean… not that I got a hands on experience as before I knew it, Mrs F had jumped the queue and was straight in there testing it out.

Whilst the children were rekindling their love of the trampoline, Mrs F continued her experience whilst I was relegated to chief sweeper. Not so much sweeping mud, but sweeping the water out the way. Whether its due to the way our paving has been laid or a result of the washer and the amount of water it pumps out but having someone to sweep zithromax online canada pharmacy away excess water really helped the clean up as it meant Mrs F could see where she had cleaned and kept mess to a minimum.

The excess water issue shouldn’t detract away from the awesome power and work the K4 Pressure washer was doing though and the video above gives you an idea of just how well it was cutting through our mossy paving stones.

We mainly completed the whole of the patio area using just the Vario Power spray connector although did try out the T350 connector although found this to be harder work despite claiming to reduce time and spray back when cleaning patios. We didn’t try the dirt blaster spray lance as the paving doesn’t have any hard to reach areas although I’m sure this will be used on our block paved front drive so keep your eyes peeled for this soon.

Overall I think the Karcher K4 Full Home Pressure washer is a cracking piece of kit which makes light work of dirt and moss. Having the blaster gun display helps to understand the power being used and to tailor to your requirements, we used the medium on our trampoline netting meaning it was still able to clean without ruining the netting. The price of the K4, at £249 may seem steep, however this is a long term investment and will last several years (there’s also a three year guarantee) so when you break it down, the cost is relative and reasonable.

I can’t wait to give it a good try myself (obviously when Mrs F isn’t around) and see what else I can clean with ease…for now though, a hot cup of tea and supervising will have to do 😉

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UPDATE: Since this review I have managed to spot a chance to clean the top patio using the T350 cleaner and can confirm that despite Mrs F’s initial frustrations, I found this to be incredibly useful at a more “tidier” one person clean, using the vario spray lance to tidy up the edges which worked pretty well as a combination. I’m still yet to try the dirt blaster although have my eye on our front drive… just once the weather gets nicer again.


NB: We were provided with a Karcher K4 Home Premium Pressure Washer in exchange for a full honest review, all opinions remain both mine and Mrs F’s though 🙂