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Just don’t miss the Just So Festival 2017!

With just under 7 weeks to go, one of the most anticipated events on our family calendar is fast approaching, we’ve been for the past two previous years now and I’m so excited to be going back again. I’m talking about the award winning Just So Festival 2017, and this year its back and bigger and better than ever!

Set in the spacious Rode Hall on the edge of the Cheshire and Staffordshire boarders, Just So Festival is back for its 8th year now and I’m pleased to see it continuing to be hosted at the same venue which works so well for the festival. Since we last attended, Just So was named as the “Best Festival” by the National Outdoor Events Association as well as “Tourism Experience of the year” and its easy to see why.

I could quite easily wax lyrical about how magical, warming, fun and imaginative Just So Festival is as I have done to many who ask and my previous reviews in 2015 and 2016. However, if you haven’t seen those then I can only explain it as an intimate, family focused event which is guaranteed to bring families even closer together whilst having so much fun and making some cherished memories in the process. It also doesn’t matter what age you are too; tiny, young or even old, so long as you feel young at heart you’ll have a blast!

Did I mention it was even bigger this year? Not content with resting on its successful format year upon year, this year Just So Festival is creating 3 new areas including;

  • A lakeside cinematic Silver Screen area encompassing everything from recreating famous dance scenes, through to being an extra in the Just So production and even live drawing opportunities.
  • A new Social Barn to compliment the existing “The Social” area which has an amazing variety of street foods at reasonable prices too. The barn promises something a little different though, such as insect zithromax online india eating, jelly fights as well as the infamous Just So Midnight Feast event too.
  • Access to the Forgotten Courtyard where I was fortunate to be given special access to a few years back for an amazing book launch and reading during the event. After its successful intimate reading experiences in the old tenants courtyard, Just So are opening this up to everyone and including spoken word, debates and workshops all around the Italian gardens.

Add into this some of the amazing other experiences such as the amazing Tribal Tournament whereby festival goers dress in their favoured teams outfits (Fish, Foxes, Frogs, Stags, Lions, Owls and this year Bees) whilst throughout the weekend gaining points through participation in the quest to be crowned tribal winners on the Sunday evening, celebrated through the Tribal Parade.

There’s also Footlight which features over 20 different artists and bands, storytelling from some amazing tellers in the woods around campfires, Fairy spotting in the deep forest as well as a wrath of areas, shows, experiences and more.

Just So Festival 2015 Just So Festival 2015

Now for the details…

Just So Festival takes place during the weekend of 18-20 August at Rode Hall in Cheshire. Tickets are selling out FAST and so you need to be quick if you are hoping to attend this event still.

Tickets can be bought here for single days, for the weekend and my personal recommendation, camping weekend tickets too. I really would recommend coming for the whole weekend if possible and camping too, its a truly unforgettable experience.


Check out the Just So Festival 2017 page now for loads more information, an online programme and other fantastic events Wild Rumpus (its creators) host.


Are you going? If so we’ll see you there!

Until next time





NB: We are pleased to announce we have been chosen as Just So Festival Official Ambassadors and as part of this we have been gifted with tickets for the event… although we would have paid for them too. 🙂