More than just bricks with LEGO City Jungle and National Geographic Kids

LEGO City Jungle

LEGO has multiple benefits, whether thats through imaginative building, improving dexterity (fine motor skills) and problem solving. Even H is a little bit older, he’s continuing to learn through LEGO and can now add another, instruction following, to his growing list. However those mentioned are just natural learnt skills any LEGO sets can help your little ones to gain. LEGO have now teamed with with National Geographic Kids (NGK) to create a new collection in the popular LEGO City range, LEGO City Jungle.

Teaming up with NGK, LEGO are aiming to inspire children to explore, discover and learn about jungles and the importance of their preservation. More specifically National Geographic Explorer, Andres Ruzo is, through the use of the new LEGO City Jungle collections and whilst being in the Amazon Rainforest, exploring the sacred “Boiling River” aiming to highlight what incredible habitats jungles are.

Throughout July, Andres is be releasing some awesome Jungle related videos following Andrés Ruzo and his LEGO companions through the Amazon as well as other great fun, yet educational material on the LEGO City Jungle microsite.

As part of the initiative, LEGO City & National Geographic Kids are launching an exciting new competition to win a National Geographic Family Expedition to the jungles of Costa Rica in Central America! The winning family will explore the treetops and volcanic canyon landscapes of Rio Blanco, go zip lining through tropical forests surrounded by astonishing wildlife, visit a wildcat rescue centre to meet orphaned ocelots and jaguars, dine in a tree house and get to experience the real-life jungle. For a chance to win, candidates must imagine something they might discover deep in the jungle – and then draw it or build it with LEGO bricks. For further details, and to enter, visit:

Of course, I’ll be bringing you further details of the LEGO City Jungle sets over the coming days as well as a review of one of the sets available and this time I’ll be testing out H’s instruction following skills by getting him to build it himself… well he has to earn his keep too! 🙂

Until next time

Jim x