Family Time, Netflix

I have an addiction… to Netflix

Wow, where do I start…? It feels better now I’ve already said it once but I have an addiction… an addiction to Netflix. I simply can’t help myself, its like it craves me too, it wants me to switch on my Apple TV… Its like it encourages me to go to bed and wait for Mrs F to fall sleep before beckoning me to plug in my headphones, flip over my iPad cover and tap that app which holds the simple red writing on a white background… I’m in trouble, deep deep trouble.


I’ve been a member of Netflix for just over 4 months now and at first I admit I was sceptical. I’d always heard people in the very early days saying they were waiting for a disk to be delivered to them for a film dated a year ago before they had requested it and really wondered if the monthly subscription actually justified the cost. Obviously I’m going back before the truly digital format period but such is first impressions, they tend to stick in your head.

Having had two children your social life tends to dramatically reduce, if it hasn’t…

  1. You have a massive family / friends network who you can call on
  2. You are probably neglecting your parental duties (Sorry but its my blog and I’m allowed to say that and am not in any way jealous of the share volume of times you go out :-p )

So as going out becomes a premium, therefore begins the invention of various types of “night in” ideas such as:

  • Date night – You pay over the odds for a home cooked meal when a better tasting takeaway is cheaper and involves not having to cook
  • No Mobile Phone Night – You know the one where you actually talk to each other…
  • Board Game Night, – I never cheated by stealing from the bank in Monopoly (honest)

and of course

  • Movie nights….

Sometimes you aim to target several at once.. a night meal followed by a movie, no mobile phones and if your lucky at the end of it all….. well your kids will still be asleep ūüėČ

The problem with movies though is as much as there are some fab ones out there, buy zithromax online us they always appear to be on at the cinema or still waiting for them to come on to mainstream tv (3 years later). In order to bridge that gap, families¬†take out a tv subscription, ranging from anything from ¬£16.99 a month to ¬£50 a month and beyond, oh and not forgetting line rental which is completely useless as I don’t know anyone other than grandparents that actually use a landline anymore….

Netflix is full of classic movies, ok, not necessarily the latest by any stretch but classics none the less, the exact same type some of the more expensive digital companies create channels for to justify their ever increasing costs.

Where Netflix wins hands down in my opinion though is its TV box sets… it has masses of them, from British classics such as Gavin and Stacey or the Inbetweeeners through to American ones such as Mrs F and I current favourite Suits and others such as Breaking Bad and Dexter.

Over the past couple of years though Netflix has really stepped up its game by producing its own TV shows and as such hit series like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and more recently Grace and Frankie.


My problem is this, its TOO good… I love riding the highs of binge watching a whole series after series of one program but then when you finally reach the end and realise that it is the end, the low point is incredible low. I promise myself I won’t get hooked into it “next time round”, I’ll watch an episode a week like normal people have to do when watching TV shows but it just doesn’t happen. Within an episode or two I find myself waiting for Mrs F to drift off to “Bedfordshire” before opening that top bedside draw and pulling out my earphones before sneaking in “just one more” episode…. or two.


I need help! Netflix has become a necessity¬†in our family but for anyone considering taking out a subscription, I need to warn you of the above pitfalls and the addiction which might will occur…

Until next time