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I am the Dad who….

I am the Dad

Things have been a little busy as of late and I’m just starting to catch up with some of the #WIDN and tags I’ve been mentioned in. One of the ones I was mentioned in and have been meaning to do it thanks to my lovely old work colleague and now Dubai blogger friend, Laura from Life with Baby Kicks is I am the Dad who…

Laura and I used to work for an international bank and now find ourselves at different ends of the world but doing similar things (blogging obvs) without knowing and our paths have crossed again.

So, here goes….

I am the Dad who….

  • will always look at the positives rather than the negatives, if you cut yourself and are bleeding, its good as it means you’re human 🙂
  • will always let you turn the music up in the car as loud as you want, so long as its music which we both enjoy
  • isn’t fussed about showing my loving side, I love showing those I care about most, my dearest children and your beautiful mum who without her all this wouldn’t be possible, just how much you all mean to me, whether thats at home or in public.


  • doesn’t check on you at night, and thats not because I’m a bad parent, its because I wouldn’t like someone coming in and shining a mobile phone in my face at night… (Mrs F take note 😉 )
  • will always neglect the chores if it means playing dinosaurs, dancing or painting nails with my little ones. I am so grateful to Mrs F for making sure I don’t neglect them for too long though otherwise we I would be in trouble.

I am the Dad

  • probably won’t be the best in the playground at plaits or doing my daughters hair when she gets older, I’m dreading it now and must start watching some youtube video’s if I am to be remotely good at it.
  • still loves his gadgets, buy augmentin in uk granted I don’t throw money at them carelessly anymore but I still NEED them, that includes the Apple Watch despite me claiming “I’m not that bothered”
  • will always make sure you are polite, manners costs nothing and even if you don’t like the person in question, it doesn’t excuse lack of manners.
  • will support you in whatever you choose for your future career, university isn’t necessarily the best option anymore so as long as you’re passionate about something, go for it with both hands, plus it saves me money not having to save for a uni fund 🙂
  • would rather have his children looking fantastic than spend money on his own clothes, yes that may mean I look like a bag of spuds at times but my children don’t


  • won’t let you always win at games just because you are young and hate losing, I still hate losing now so forget it.
  • must try harder not to laugh when telling you off, the facial expressions or responses you give do crack me up but I need to make sure I get my point across to ensure you learn and become a better person.
  • realises how fortunate he is to have a son and a daughter and I will also work hard not to let life’s stereotyping affect your decisions, be whatever you want to be, wear whatever you want to wear and enjoy whatever you like enjoying and don’t let society try and convince you its not the norm.
  • more importantly loves you more than I can ever express or show… you are my life, my world and the reason for my existence, remember that and look after me when I’m old 🙂


Thanks for the tag Laura, I’ve really enjoyed it. I would like to tag Dave of The DADventurer as I’m sure his witty nature will mean another cracking blog post from him (no pressure Dave).


Until next time

Jim x