Hello Again…I’m Back!!!

Firstly welcome to my new and improved blog…. I say improved, its improved as I’m going to be making an effort to ensure it stays up to date this time round!


For those who didn’t know me previously, I originally set out to start a blog earlier in the year when my wife, Mrs F was pregnant with our second child. Thus DaddyTechno was created. I like to see myself as a “hands on” Dad who loves nothing better to spend me time with my family rather than anywhere else. Corny I know but true, I’d much rather be with them than down the pub all the time with the “boys” or seeing them for 30 minutes every evening when I get in from work but thats it.


The plan was simple, to blog about pregnancy through a man’s eyes, the stages, the joys, the worries and the other. The reality being completely different in that supporting my wife through the trimesters was far too time consuming and important to even worry about my own perceptions, ramblings and love of gadgets.


Six months on, we now have a second addition to the family, D. D was born in September, a week later than planned but looking just as gorgeous as expected. She most definitely completes our family now. With our other child H just approaching his forth birthday it gave us just enough time to forget the sleepless nights, copious amounts of nappy changes as well as the constant stain of milk/sick on the shoulder of your newly worn shirt/top or jumper before having another one.


We are now 3 months in and loving being new parents all over again, the sleep deprivation is becoming the norm, although to be fair to D, she is a once a night kinda gal so we manage to get two very good chucks of sleep and count ourselves extremely fortunate. So I find myself wanting to begin blogging again.


I love all things “gadgety” and although being a dad does mean I have to give up my irresponsible spending on needless gadgets and gizmo’s (well nearly all), it does mean I get to explore a whole new arena of gadgets in the form of pushchairs, baby accessories and toys which have been developed to help make being a parent that little bit easier. So thats what you’ll find will be the bulk of this blog as well as adventures had with the family, views and experiences and anything else I deem to fit in with the context of One Dad One Blog…




Jim x



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