Halloween – A Tale of Two Sides

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in, we are reminded that within the beginnings of Christmas tat being put on display for sale in many stores, there are also many scary outfits for sale, and no, I am not talking about possibilities for my next clothing purchase… we are also fast approaching Halloween, or as they say in America, all hallows eve.

As a child I don’t really remember going trick or treat, I think that was mainly due to the fact my parents probably couldn’t be arsed to come out in the freezing cold knocking on door after door with me and my brother and the rest of the neighbourhood. I also think it might have been to at least be consistent with our family approach and the fact we used to turn the lights out and pretend we were not in … at least my parents were fair right? :-/

As it was, I grew up not really caring much for Halloween, I mean, we spend most of our lives saying don’t take sweets from strangers yet for a one night of the year, its perfectly acceptable to knock on anyones door and actually ask for them… Jeeze some children young kids even think its ok to throw eggs and terrorise those that don’t hand them out.

When I was single and living in “Flowers Towers” (The name I had for my own singleton apartment) I was even guilty of doing the “lights out not in lie” my parents used to do… mainly because I lived in not the best area and rather than sweets, kids would knock on the door expecting an iTunes card or money… I wouldn’t bet that a couple of them even carried chip and pin terminals around incase you pulled out the “I don’t have any cash on me” line.


Still as I got older (not that much older) I began to mellow and found myself buying multi-packs of Haribo or snack size cadbury’s in preparation for the annual event. Granted I had moved in with Mrs F and her Dad at this point and I was now living in a more respectable area of Stoke on Trent and yes, some of it was in secret hope we didn’t have many “trick or treaters” and I’d be able to justify eating what was left over but I also think this may have been the start of me beginning to think about if or when we had children and how excited and thankful the little ones, (I’m talking under 7 or 8) seemed to be when you opened your door, pretended to be frightened and then proceeded to offer them the pot of sweets to take some for their growing stash already collected.


As time passed on my enthusiasm continued to grow and you find yourself then comparing the number of visitors you had with the previous years and actually feeling disappointed when you had less than the year before despite the fact I had enough love heart and ring Hairdo’s to last well into Christmas.


Fast forward and last year was our first proper Halloween whereby Mrs F and I braved the cold with H and a 2mth old D to knock on the doors of strangers… I have to admit to not actually feeling the cold and I’m sure it was as bitter as always but seeing H’s smile and sugar filled levels of excitement seemed to have numbed my bodies ability to feel any bitterness or make the event negative in any way…. D on the other hand was happy to get back home and enjoy her own sweets (milk). Oh and P.S. That is my own face painting skills so if you want your child’s face to be as fantastic as H’s, drop me an email at the usual address šŸ˜‰



I will take this time to say that I personally think that Trick or Treat should be enjoyed by young children who are with their adults and not the masses of teenage thugs looking to cash in on houses or cause trouble (Dad Speak there in case you haven’t noticed) so I don’t plan on providing top up cards, cigarettes, a bottle of Turbo White cider or Hooch if you’re reading this and think it’ll be a good idea to knock on our house…

I have well and truly turned full circle with Halloween and Mrs F and I have already talked about stepping it up a gear and purchasing several Halloween themed gadgets/toys as well as dressing our house to ensure that if any little ones come knocking, they don’t have to deal with another “lights out not in” nob head again…


Are you doing Trick or Treat this year? What’s your view on it? I’ve be interested to know…

Until next time

Jim x