Goodbye Immune System

I have seen several blog posts about What to expect when your Expecting however I need to jump onto my OneDadOneBlog soap box and say that one thing friends, family or bloggers ever warn you about before bringing children into the world is the fact that your immune system will almost certainly disappear.

I remember back to pre H and D when I would rarely get ill, no common colds a.k.a Man Flu, no sore throats, no headaches, nothing, nadda! This even included during my University years where my¬†eating and drinking were rubbish and my tonsil tickling skills were at their most successful point ūüėČ The only time I would feel bad was when it was self inflicted, mainly during nights out which I vaguely remembered the next day.

 Hungover 2006
Hungover 2007

Fast forward to now and it seems that somewhere down the line, whether that was during point of conception, during the baking period or simply by osmosis, Mrs F and I appear to have lost our immune systems and the OneDadOneBlog house has become very much perfect breeding conditions for any illness going.


To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, over the past few weeks we have had (but not limited too):

  1. Ear infections,
  2. Sore throats,
  3. Man Flu (thats me),
  4. Colds (thats Mrs F),
  5. Fevers,
  6. Sickness bugs (thats all of us),
  7. Scarlet Fever and
  8. Phantom projectile sickness an hour after feeding.


It feels like its a merry go round of bugs which we just can’t seem to shake at the moment.¬†Its not like our diet is bad either, we eat pretty well, we exercise and take vitamins (well the last one isn’t true, Mrs F does take BFing ones though).


It ALWAYS seems to happen going into a weekend too, why is that? Perish the thought of it happening during the week and having to take time of work, no, these little critters seem to enjoy waiting for you to commence the weekend before injecting you with their venom. Meaning that the only options are to sit it out and waste generic doxycycline away your weekend, or in the little ones cases, dial 111 and arrange a visit to the local out of hours doctors surgery and take your place with the rest of the counties sick crew… Again, these aren’t your run of the mill sick people, these are people that must be that bad they want to drag themselves down to the Doctors and sit and wait for several hours to be seen. Once you are finally seen, out comes some either extremely crazy Doctor (in there sky blue chino’s and poorly fitted jacket) or someone lacking any kind of social skills (hence why they want to be working on a weekend rather than enjoying time with their friends). Don’t get me wrong, they do a great job in general but is it too much to ask for them to attempt to interact and allay the fears of my poorly child… maybe even just a little?


Why am I ranting you ask? I think I just need a place to confirm that next time I hear a fellow friend / family member or even blogger say they are planning on having a baby, I must warn them that they may have just signed away their immune system for a long while….


The blame in all this is obvious…. Its the children’s fault!!!

Its the play centres we visit, the swimming pools we go to, the “made at nursery by possibly your child but with help from someone¬†else’s child” cupcakes we eat, the bogies we pick from our little peoples noses, the “full pelt” sneezes we take in the face, the wee we are constantly cleaning from the toilet seat (which isn’t me… honest), the 300+ (minimum) poonami’s we clean up on a daily basis.


But you know what… I wouldn’t have it any other way. ūüėČ


Roll on an illness free week and any tips in avoiding these things are really appreciated….