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Going Rogue with LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Hovertank

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Hovertank

In case you hadn’t noticed.. (if not where have you been) but a certain Star Wars film hits the cinemas this week, Rogue One. As with any Stars Wars film comes some a whole wrath of merchandise but let’s be honest, the only type which really matters is the LEGO type and I have been given the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Hovertank to build and review

There are multiple LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets out ranging from the awesome updated, although costly, Death Star through to smaller sets which won’t break the bank. The Imperial Assault Hovertank is extremely reasonable in terms of price (typically around £29.99) however I do know if you do a little google search at the moment it is on offer for £18 which considering the size and the mini figures you get, makes it a fantastic buy.

The set is made of 385 pieces and comes with three mini figures, 2 x Hovertank Pilots and Chirrut Îmwe, a spiritual warrior monk who is also blind. Very little is known about Chirrut although he does feature in many of the trailers for the new movie which suggest’s he’ll be a larger character in the film. He comes complete with fabric tunic as well as a bowcaster and longstaff as weapons. These are a little on the larger side though and can be tricky to stand him upright when he has both of them. Nonetheless its great to have so much for just one minifigure.

The build itself is a really simple build to complete and thats not in a negative way either. The set is aimed at age 7+ however although I confess to enjoying a Dad only build generic augmentin 875 session, I wouldn’t see any reason H couldn’t have a good go at building this alone with occasional support from myself.


Once built the hovertank holds both the Hovertank Pilots inside acting as a driver and a shooter and these can be hidden by moveable flaps once in the vehicle. As you’d expect there are plenty of firearms on the Hovertank, some for show but neatly hidden under the front of the tank are two spring loaded guns which are cleverly activated by two cams (one either side of the tank).

The rear of the Imperial Hovertank has space for either move imperial fighters or cargo, and with it comes an orange crate, which again, if you’ve seen any of the trailers will have noticed these there. The crate does open although the space inside is small and therefore only manages to hold some additional weaponry in the form of a blaster pistol and binoculars. There are also clever little handles on the side so your imperial pilots and carry it in chuckle brother fashion.


Overall for the price and the size of the build I think this set represents fantastic value for money, particularly if you manage to pick it up for the currently lower price of £18. Including three mini figures with the set, one looking like they are a main character is also great news and a must buy for any LEGO or Star Wars fan out there. To find out more and for other sets, be sure to check out LEGO’s Star Wars minisite.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.