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Getting Ready for Spring Time Outdoors

One thing we look doing as a family is getting outdoors, cliche I know but I’m not just talking about days out, theme parks, holidays etc, I’m talking about simpler outdoors venue, our garden.

For me, a garden is just as important as your home, its an extension of your home, it can be an extra room in the warmer months through enjoying BBQs, dining outside and particularly when the children are young, its a safe haven for them to explore without worrying about cars, strangers or falling in a pile of dog turd (well the last one may still apply if you have a dog and don’t clean it up – we don’t so its not a worry).

I remember when I bought my first place following university which was an apartment and although I loved the modern living, I massively missed the garden and so when we moved into our first family home just shy of two years ago, a big garden was towards the top of our list. The problem you have though is the more garden you have, the more you need to perform a spring clean to get it ready for the lighter evenings and the warmer weather. Thankfully though getting out and cleaning up the garden as a family and all getting stuck in with the post winter clean up is something we all love.

Its amazing that when children are still young, they enjoy being given responsibility and tasks… providing they don’t last long and can switch as and when they please, I’m talking buckets of warm water and sponges, dust pan and brushes, bags to collect leaves and free reign to the play house.

I’m also pretty obsessed about cutting my lawn so any given chance to get the lawnmower out and I’m there like a flash. Mrs F meanwhile loves sorting out her flower beds, hanging baskets and all those accessory decorations such as solar lighting and garden ornaments.

Our clean ups normally involves;

  • Sweeping the patios / paving areas,
  • Collecting dead leaves and debris from around the lawn,
  • Cleaning out the trampoline,
  • Giving any garden toys or furniture a wash down,
  • Mowing the lawn (weather permitting),
  • Strimming the grass edges,
  • Cutting back any dead branches,
  • Pruning the hedges,
  • Washing the moss from the paving stones.

Its a real thorough job and if I’m honest is sometimes done over a couple of weekends but does involve the whole family, along with plenty of treats of course. We’ve officially started the clean up and I can’t wait to continue and also paint both the wooden playhouse and the fence soon too.

Bring on more of the sunnier weekends I say and we’ll soon be enjoying BBQs before we know it…
Until next time

Jim x