Getting out more this winter

New year, new start right? Wrong! Although we all start with good intentions, well I try to at least, its easy to revert back to old ways all too quickly.

It doesn’t help with a good dose of media #BlueMonday as well as the really cold weather biting in and before you know it, the prospect of a long winter, no summer holiday in sight, back to work blues can all seem like a little much to deal with.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling the exact same this year and have struggled mentally to get going, its difficult to explain but after a long day working, sorting out the children, I feel fit for nothing by the time they are in bed at 7pm and albeit resign myself to a night in front of the TV watching what can only be described as dross! It doesn’t stop me staring into it and moaning. Well that stops today and in order to do that, I’m looking at five easy ways to get out of the house more.

1. Take a friend

Is all too easy to sack off a planned activity after a long day at work but by taking a friend with you, it gives you the guilt trip of having to let them down if you don’t want to go. That and having someone to talk to along the way means you don’t get bored and go home early as well as the added benefit of utilising your time and multi-tasking by catching up with friends and enjoying something at the same time.

2. Take up a hobby

It doesn’t have to be exercise focused just because Jo on instagram is posting photos of herself in her active wear in the gym every other day, think of something you love, maybe loved before children, maybe something you always wanted to do and do it. Making time for you, even in the midst of busy lifestyles is the key for having a healthy mind. You may think you love your own company or an easier life but having something which is “yours” means if you ever need some time out, you can look forward to Tuesday night playing snooker, or that camera course on a Thursday.

3. Start small

Don’t go all guns blazing with a masterplan which is too large to pull off, this is a new start and therefore trying to change your habits and fit in with existing commitments will be hard and will no doubt fail no sooner than its begun. Making small changes may seem like pointless but grow them wisely and they’ll soon turn into lifestyle changes which work for every aspect of your life.

4. Play Fair

Whilst this is about you and what are you doing for yourself, be sure to not forget your other nearest and dearest at the same time. Allow them time to do the same if they wish to, it might be great having a new found love but if you are not playing equal then you’ll come home to resentment which is just another issue to overcome.

5. Review and reflect

This is about making positive changes in your life to help breed a healthier self and healthier mind as well so be sure to review and reflect regularly. If something is truly not working (once you’ve given it a reasonable time) then ditch it for something else. Try something completely new if you are brave enough, it’s about finding something which is right for you.

So there’s my top tips for starting the year in a balanced way which will hopefully life towards both a healthier lifestyle and a healthier mind as well. Remember, majority of things you see on social media tend to be the best side of things and not always the true reflection on someones life.

Are you doing anything different this year, how’s it going? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time