What do you get a 6 year old boy for Christmas?

Firstly I am making absolutely NO apologies for mentioning the C word despite it being still only October. Yes I know we still have Halloween as well as Bonfire night to bypass however if we are realistic, those will pass within the blink of an eye and before we know it, we’ll be in the rat race of fighting over the last Buzz Lightyear, Tamagotchi, Hatchimal or whatever toy will be this years must have.


Having two children also complicates matters as money doesn’t grow on trees so its important to start early to ensure Christmas is not only all in order but also we can work to make it affordable too. Our youngest, D, who is now 3 is easy to cater for, she’s massively into dolls, pretend / imaginative play and is extremely vocal so will say if she likes something the moment she sees it on TV, in a shop or through her friends current toy collections, so much so, we already have a list an arm long of what she wants.


H on the other hand is slightly more reserved, he’s not the type to ask for things, never has been (which makes shopping much more easier than with his sister) and is also much more curious about finding out what something does before making a clear plea for something. Thats all well and good but this also poses issues with what to tell Father Christmas to get him should he find himself on the nice list this year.


Having had a bit of time between Mrs F taking D ballet followed by a unicorn party, H and I decided to take a trip to our local toy store in an attempt to gain some ideas for Christmas this year. Knowing he’s still not the type to say “I want, I want” I thought I’d combine his love for technology (just like his Dad) which idea shopping so invited him to take his iPod Touch along to take photo’s of things he likes, that way he could take home plenty of pictures he could then research further.

What a revelation! For someone who isn’t that keen on shopping he loved being able to wander around taking snaps of all the things he liked the look off and take them home to then research further.


Since then we now have a really good idea of the type of things he’d like for Christmas… as well as understanding that a re-mortgage might be necessary to fund it!

Don’t worry, whilst there, we managed to pick up two of the Christmas Catalogues to complete our cut out and stick Christmas lists too…. as much as technology is great, we still love the old school method too.


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet or are you waiting that little bit longer before mentioning the C word? Look out for a 6 year old wish list coming soon!!


Until next time