Gaming Together with Playstation PS4

I’ve written previously about how our eldest H is becoming quite the gamer; if its not creating amazing worlds on Minecraft, its solving the many different puzzles on the LEGO games which are very popular at the moment. I’m also secretly glad as I’ve had my Playstation 4 console since they were released five years ago and despite my initial optimism that I’d have plenty of time to enjoy gaming (like I had previously with the Playstation consoles), the reality was that now we had children it obviously took a back seat, especially when the children were younger as I simply couldn’t afford to get lost into a FIFA tournament or see how many police I could get to chase after me in GTA. Nowadays though, as much as I’m still partial to a solo play, I’m also keen to explore how I can join in with H (and D as she grows older) and how we can maximise the use of the PS4 for all occasions.

The Team at Playstation recently got in touch to say they could help out with this and wanted to let us know that they had games for all occasions but rather than just playing solo, they believe gaming is at its best when you game together. By gaming together though they don’t just mean your traditional ‘vs’ game, they also means many others, such as:

  • In it together – Games whereby instead of beating each other, you have to work together to win. Its like being a family, drawing on each others strengths and making sure that after its all said and done, you all mean well ūüėČ Remember, there’s no I in team


  • All Back To Mine – Games to end a night off with, ones which are still fun (maybe even classics) but are not too hard and everyone can have a turn, even the none traditional gamer who struggles to know their Square from their Triangle (I’m looking at you Mrs F).


  • Pass and Play – These are traditionally games which are made for single player mode but those whereby you are likely to complete a level fast… or die even faster so rather than play alone, use that as your cue to pass round the controller to your kids, partner or pal.


  • Sofa Standoffs – These are your traditional versus games, your 1v1, winner takes all, fight to the death (too much?) and don’t forget those all important bragging rights, but only if you win of course.

I’ve never really thought about the different types of games around to be fair and typically being the only gamer in the house before the kids were around, stuck to games which were predominately solo affairs and if they did have a versus function then all the better if a mate was round.

To back up their claim, Playstation have kindly sent us 12 (yes 12) different games which fall into the above categories and that we can download digitally from the PS Store directly onto our PS4 console so we don’t even need to worry about disc swapping.

As well as that, they’ve also sent us a fantastic goodie box with all kinds of things, from food to fodder and things that light up, all to help us enjoy what promises to be the perfect gaming session as they like to call it Something for the Weekend.

On the run up to Christmas, I’ll be bringing you details of exactly what we’ve got up to and my thoughts on some of these games as we take our family gaming to the next level.

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