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Gadgets included with House of Fraser

Being a lover of all gadgets I’m regularly “browsing” through various websites dreaming about what I’d buy if I had more money, by money I clearly mean disposable money. Pre kids, I wouldn’t have thought twice about adding my latest “must have’ to the basket and purchasing, nowadays its mainly just “window shopping’. To celebrate House of Fraser now stocking gadgets and various must have tech from makers of all things cool and gadgetry, Red 5, I was asked if I’d like to check out the Helium T900 wireless speaker and LED lightshow.

Music is massively popular in our house, I’ve been collecting my digital catalogue since pre university years now and with a quick scan, I have everything from The Corrs, Oasis, Fat Man Scoop through to cheesy classics, anthems and nowadays even Mr Tumbles Christmas Disco. The little ones also love it too and you’d be lucky if you happen to miss D’s latest renditions of Frozen’s “Let it Go” as well as H creating his own disco thanks to his Karaoke machine we got him last year and the disco lasers recently added to his music playing collection.

The Helium T900 is a portable 7w (2 x 3.5w) wireless speaker which plays your favourite music via several methods including bluetooth, near field communication (NFC), micro SD card, auxiliary port and finally USB (both aux and usb cables provided).

What makes it stand out from being just another wireless speaker is that it also has a built in LED colour spectrum which has 5 different modes, two of which react to the sounds being played. Both the kids really love this feature and will incorporate this into their buy augmentin online uk latest performance or disco session.

On the side of the speaker there are various controls such as volume, next/previous track as well as play/pause and options to change the LEDs. With it also being bluetooth is easily integrates with various apps too such as Spotify or Deezer and means you can pair with your laptop or tablet and enjoy a great sound quality as well as being able to skip tracks without having to unlock your tablet every 3 minutes.


Battery life is also pretty respectable with around 4 hours play time, that said it does take just as long to fully charge it too although if like us you have a usb plug (not supplied) you can also play off the mains if you want the party to continue longer.

Finally the speaker also doubles up as hands free too so if like me you find yourself working from home, listening to some of your favourite tunes in the background, you can quickly switch to the works conference call in a second and participate without having to plug in your headphones or hold the phone to your ear for the next hour whilst on mute.


The price for the Helium T900 is currently £49.99 which is pretty good considering the features, the sound quality as well as it also being splash-proof too so will be great for outdoors once spring arrives. For more information and for other Red 5 products which House of Fraser stock check out their gadgets section now.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: We were provided with a RED5 Helium T900 speaker in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own.