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Flavourly Gin

Life is full of subscription boxes at the moment, whether its meal boxes, comic, collectables and toy boxes, specialist alcohol based subscription boxes and even adult night in boxes (if you know what I mean). They are great, well some are, but what if you want a special one off box, or even to send one as a gift, well step forward Craft Beer, Gin, Whiskeys and all other things alcohol based, online specialist,

I’ve been a steady growing fan of all things GIN based for the past two years now, yes you could say I jumped on board the bandwagon, but then I’ve also aged (a little) so appreciate finer tastes and would prefer to spend on something which really, I mean REALLY tastes nice rather than get rat-faced on some cheap B.O.G.O.F down the local “offy”. got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in sampling some of their produce and whilst I’m yet to be converted to the craft / fine ales bandwagon (yet), I was more than happy to see what their Gin selections were like. I was sent the Selected Gin Gift Box (rrp £35) which promises a selection (3) of different specialist Gin in 200ml bottles, some mixers, a snack and also a Flavourly magazine, which as dull as the last option sounds, it was actually full of interesting background to the Gin I had been sent, including what to serve it with, its origins and also some cocktails ideas for the daring kind.

As a side note, if you check out their Twitter feed now, you might see the odd voucher hiding out there which will give you a decent £10 off your first box (you’re welcome).

The delivery is sent via tracked mail so you know exactly when its likely to arrive as well as being really well packaged too (and labelled) so there should be no issues with any broken bottles (heaven forbid).

I was sent small batch craft Gins from Badachro, Blackwater (No.5), and Sovereign (Elderflower & Gooseberry) all in the 200ml variety so enough for 8 servings per bottle (if you base it on a standard 25ml serving) as well as two bottles of tonic from Lamb & Watt and a packet of Soffle’s Chill & Garlic Pitta Chips to enjoy. My only suggestion would be to possibly include a sample of dried botanicals / garnish some months to really impress your other half / friends.

As mentioned above, I really appreciated the magazine as it did give an added touch to the whole box as well as also mentioned other Gins, craft beers and spirits which were popular / new on the market. I would love to see maybe some tips and tricks on how to create the perfect ‘peel twirl’ or even must have tools as I’d love to build me Gin love further 🙂

It’s easy to just nip to the supermarket and buy the main stream versions available but for me, there is something much more interesting about settling down on a Saturday night to enjoy a specialist Gin and take some time out, the Gin’s really do taste different too, some you love and some not so but there’s something about it which feels more rewarding.


For me, its great that I can just jump online and order a giftbox with no idea of which wonderful Gin’s I am going to receive but there’s a possibility that I may discover yet another amazing Gin which will be straight onto my Father’s Day list in preparation for June (hint hint Mrs F) or alternatively, if I’m not so keen, I’ve added a Gin which I can serve to friends when they visit which will not only make me look cool as I’m serving up a unique Gin, but that they won’t say they don’t like it as it would seem rude… win win!

For fans of other alcoholic based drinks, there’s plenty to choose on Flavourly, whether it be high street recognised brands or something a little different, have a look and if you order something which goes down well, then let me know by leaving it in the comments below. 🙂

Flavourly Craft Gin

Until next time (I’m off to enjoy the above cheeky Gin)





NB: I was gifted with a Gin Craft box in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own and I was very much sober when I wrote this (not necessarily when I finished it 😉 )