Fixing Half Term with Smoby and Bob The Builder

Smoby Bob The Builder

Although we moved into our new home just over a year and half ago now, we still have several jobs we want to complete, whether that be little things like a picture frame or more recently laying a new wooden flooring in our dining room. I’m not sure about you though but whenever I get my tools out to complete jobs on the house, H is always quick to want to join in and ‘help’ although despite the desire to let him learn hands on jobs, letting him loose on a drill, hammer or jigsaw isn’t ideal.

Despite the obvious fact that when he wants to help, it does mean I might as well add an extra hour onto the job (even if it would normally take me 10 minutes) I do enjoy feeding his curiosity and love the DIY bond we have together, so much so he even has a very basic set of tools himself.

Imaginative toy maker Smoby recently got in touch to ask if we’d like to review their new Bob The Builder collection of toys. Smoby have a number of “imagination feeding” toys ranging from kitchens, through to supermarkets and obviously tools and with H (and now D) loving their imaginative play sessions, I instantly knew this set would be a winner, especially as H is also starting to watch more of Bob The Builder on TV too.

Smoby Bob The Builder

We were sent the following:

  • Bob the Builder Chainsaw (RRP: £17.99)
  • Bob the Builder Dress Up Set (RRP:£14.99)
  • Bob the Builder Tool Bag (RRP: £12.99)
  • Bob the Builder Jigsaw (RRP: £12.99)
  • Bob the Builder First Work Bench (RRP:£44.99)

I received them whilst working at home and H was at school so I managed to take a quick snap of them before he came back although once he arrived home, he couldn’t wait to get them out of the boxes.

A couple of things I was immediately impressed with was the fact those which were noisy and action making (such as the chainsaw, jigsaw and drill) either came with batteries already or didn’t need them and the boxes are easy to open and release the toys… yes I know this is a very “Dad” thing to say but on Christmas Day when you have over excited kids, having these two plus points is a massive bonus to begin with.


Where to start… well for us that was obvious… H needed to get into character and open the Bob The Builder dress up set complete with checked shirt and work vest jacket, yellow hard hat, mobile phone, and spanner we was Bob in seconds. It was worth noting that the hat was a little small for his head but we persisted on regardless.

Once in his uniform we instantly set about building the Work Bench which includes over 30 tools and accessories such as a hammer, saw, spanner and plenty of nuts and bolts. It was really great as the same nuts and bolts are used to build the bench so your little Bob can get constructing right away whilst project manager Dad or Mum can ensure they are following the easy to understand instructions and see if they really do take note when you are completing cheap augmentin online those odd jobs around the house.

Taking around 20 minutes to construct (even by H’s timescales) was pretty good going and meant his attention span didn’t wane whilst doing so. It is also worth noting his incentive was that upon successful build, he could then open the Chainsaw and Jigsaws respectively… clever Daddy 🙂

The work bench includes things such as a working vice, an area to allow hammering in of plastic nails, a ruler to learn about sizes, as well as several construction lengths which when used with the nuts and bolts and create a range of shapes. Even D got involved with the role play and enjoyed interacting with her brother Bob and helping to be busy….

As D had also got involved, we decided to open up Bob’s tool bag (which is a small seethrough rucksaw) containing another saw, a hammer, spanner and a mechanical drill which spins when you push the trigger and requires no batteries either. This is great if you do have another sibling and helps to increase your tool collection whilst still working with all the workbench items too.

The two builders then turned their attention to the noisier items, the Chainsaw and the Jigsaw, both as mentioned above coming with batteries included.

The chain saw has two buttons, one which when pressed makes the noise of a chainsaw starting up and the other continuing the noise of a chainsaw working whilst also making the plastic chain rotate around the saw just as if it would on a real saw. At first D was a little concerned with the toy, mainly as H went all Texas Chainsaw Massacre on her but when she realised it was just a toy, she was straight in there enjoying the sound and movement effects.


The jigsaw is equally good fun and when its trigger is pressed, makes a typical jigsaw sound whilst its plastic saw blade moves up and down… don’t worry parents, the blade doesn’t move down enough to damage anything, these are all furniture safe toys you can relax and let your children’s imagination run wild.

All the sets are very reasonably priced, well make and make a great set for any construction or Bob The Builder fan. It might even be a good idea to buy the workbench and then ask grandparents, friends or family to buy an additional item for Christmas or birthdays coming up and your house can soon be fixed like mine. 🙂 All the above can be found in all good toys retailers such as Smyths, Toys R Us, ELC and Amazon.


Both little ones have had hours of fun so far running around the house “fixing” all the things they can set their eyes on and I’m sure will continue to do so over half term next week and beyond. I hope Mrs F appreciates Smoby have given her at least a few cups of hot tea during the week ahead….. me meanwhile will be working sadly.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: I was sent the above Smoby Bob The Builder products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own.