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Fathers Day Ideas: Part 1 (Gadgets)

With Fathers Day fast approaching, (June 21st in case you didn’t know) I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at some of the different gifts which us Dad’s might like. Now rather than fill your mind with several different gift ideas all in one post, I thought I’d break it down into sections, this weeks being Gadgets.


I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Red5 – The Ultimate Gadget Shop, who have been kind enough to provide a list of 60 different gadgets, even broken down by type of Dad too?! (Why can’t mothers day be this easy?)


They also gave me the chance to review three which caught my eye. I chose to go for the following with the numbers in brackets relating to where they feature on the infogram at the bottom:

  1. Helium T900 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (1)
  2. Catapencil (44)
  3. 52 Things to do whilst you Poo (48)


Helium T900 – £39.95


This little beauty is a great gift for those that not only love their music but also love their phones too as it doubles up as a bluetooth speaker. With built in LEDs on one side of the speaker which light up in sync with whatever is playing, that speaker will keep you entertained for hours. Not only does it sound fantastic, this rechargeable speaker gives you up to 4 hours of sounds following a charge and can be used via bluetooth, an aux cable or even a via the mini SD port built into it.

Gone are the days of having to sit on a conference call with the phone glued to your ear for ages, with the T900 you can be amazed at how your bosses loud directions match up to the LED equaliser or how “boring Bill” fails to even light up the speaker let alone the rest of the team.


Due to it being so eye catching and also generic zithromax azithromycin easy to use, H has claimed it as his own and regularly uses his paired iPad to play out his favourite Justin Fletcher songs for the whole OneDadOneBlog house to listen to. He loves the colours and everyone thats visited over the past week has had the pleasure of H showcasing the T900’s colours and sound quality, with all mighty impressed too.

A great gift with a very reasonable price tag.



Catapencil – £4.95



If like me, your Dad has either a stationary obsession, or still considers himself to be a kid at heart, why not get him the Catapencil. A pencil with a catapult built in, this is ideal for any Dad who is regularly coming home and complaining about his work colleagues. Getting him this means he can now take aim and fire (sensibly of course and whilst the boss is away) at anyone who gets on his nerves.


A snip at £4.95, why not buy a couple and partake in some family catapult wars yourselves.


52 things to do whilst having a Poo. – £6.95


Put down your phone, save its battery and get your Dad this. packed with plenty of games and loads of fascinating facts, this book with keep Dads mind entertained during the course of his number two.  In fact, combine with the Catapencil and you can shoot the little ones out of the bathroom using toilet paper whilst enjoying your topical and on trend read in peace 🙂


Again, this gift doesn’t have to break the bank, but can provide endless entertainment when sitting on the porcelain pot.


Those are my top three, whats yours from the 60 below


For more information on all those featured above, visit Red5 – The Ultimate Gadget Shop.


NB: I was provided with the three aforementioned gadgets to try out in exchange for a post about Father’s Day gift ideas however all opinions remain my own.