Family Fun for all with Gandeys Circus

Having been taken over by the phenomenon that is The Greatest Showman, listening to the soundtrack pretty much every time we ask our Google Home Mini to play a song, every time we leave the house in the car and even to the point its playing in my head when I’m trying to sleep, you know the house has an obsession… but the truth is despite being in love with the circus, we had never actually been to a circus, that was until Gandeys Circus was in town.

In the middle of their Greatest Showman Tour 2018 we were lucky enough to be asked to give our verdict on their trill show when it visited Stoke on Trent last weekend. Unsure of what to expect we were like rabbits in the headlights, asking typical family questions prior… Will it be cold in the big tent? should we take food? Is there toilets? Will there be elephants & lions and will the clowns be too scary for the children?

I’m pleased to say gone are the days of animals being paraded around, and the only clown you’ll see is the extremely funny and slightly naughty Clown Andrea who with her classic comedy, sass and interaction with the crown brings a great distraction during stage changes in-between the various amazing acts, helping put on such a seamless show full of fun and entertainment for all.

Speaking of the amazing acts, there is a massive variety of mesmerising and daring acts throughout the show. I did think I was in some kind of hen party to begin with though having seen four pole dancing men with their shirts off (Mrs F was already smiling) exposing what can only be described as 8 packs whilst hanging upside down from poles and performing amazing summersaults.

From there, we had tight rope walkers who were happy to run across the rope with no protection underneath them, even riding a bike across as well as walking across on each others shoulders just for good measure, there were trapezium acts, fire, juggling, rope artists and more.

As well as this there we multiple routines where the whole talented cast would join in together to showcase a whole catalogue of various talents that you literally could look anywhere within the circus ring to see something different.

There was music, tension, suspense as well as an all important interval to stretch your legs, top up your popcorn, candyfloss or get some hot food before the second part began.¬†The ringmaster also really helped to tell a story along the way as well as making sure Clown Andrea was kept in track and didn’t cause too much havoc with the audience ūüėČ

I was worried that maybe D would get a little restless given it is nearly a 2 hour show all in all but she was gripped and loved the fact that unbeknown to us it was actually Clown Andrea that painted her face before the show began, and it not until the show begins that you recognise that most of the acts all help out in some way with other essential roles before, during and after the show, a real family movement.

The finale was what can only be described as a death defying stunt involving a ‘double wheel of death’ where the Four Gerlings practically defy gravity in running around hamster wheel like cages, both inside and out without any protection at all and at some speed.


We had fabulous fun at our first Circus and with little nods to the popular film mentioned at the start throughout the show, it really helped the children to continue with their love of all things circus and stunts and I’m sure we’ll be looking to visit again next time they are in town.

Gandeys Circus

Gandeys Circus are touring all around the UK and are currently in Edinburgh now so check out the Gandeys Circus website for dates of when they are near you.


Are you a fan of the circus like us?


Until next time






P.s. In case you were wondering, the big tent was warm, the food was good and toilets so so…


NB: We were provided with a family ticket to a performance of Gandeys Circus in exchange for an honest opinion of the show. All view are our own.