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Our Family Bucket List 2017

Hooray! Its the weekend and I’ve managed to navigate my way through the first week back at work following a lovely 18 days off with the family over Christmas. Its time to sit down and rather than reflect on what a year 2016 was, look forward to and create Our Family Bucket List 2017.

Whether its the fact as a nation we go into negative mode following the festive season finishing so therefore need something positive to look forward to, many choose to book holidays, many make New Years Resolutions, I meanwhile like to spread my bets and make a list of things we’d love to do this year and work out how we are going to do them along the way.

So below is a list of things as a family we would like to do or achieve for 2017.


Go to a Disneyland Paris (hopefully at Christmas)

Successfully potty train D (Its currently underway – wish us luck)

Go to the cinema more

Take a summer holiday

Go to a Haven Holiday park (H loves the characters)

Attend a Family Festival

Camp (I’d prefer to try Glamping or stay in a lodge/cottage)

Have more Date nights with Mrs F (like “out out”)

Lose some weight (sustainably – and increase exercise)

Visit the beach on a weekend

Complete a photography course

Go fishing with H and my Father in Law

Attend my first blogging conference

Spend more time outdoors than in

Visit a pick you own fruit farm

Go to a concert

Get back into Gaming

Learn how to style D’s hair (rather than a bobble or clip)

Renovate / decorate the ensuite bathroom

Visit a local pottery maker and design our own mugs


There’s a list of 20 for our family bucket list 2017 which I think I’ll stop at as I could go on forever.

Do you make New Years resolutions? Bucket Lists or just take every day as it comes? Let me know in the comments below


Until next time

Jim x