Every Segments a surprise with Zuru 5 SURPRISE

Surprise toys and collectables are all the rage at the moment, whether thats a ‘blind bag’ LEGO minifigure, or even the more expensive LOL Dolls. Whilst the blind bags are a lower cost option, unless you are a master “bag feeler upper” you can just as easy end up with a duplicate. Then there’s the £10+ market which whilst you tend to get a better quality (in most cases) collectable, again you run the risk of duplicates or a tight bank balance at the end of the month. Zuru are aiming to plug that gap in the market with a child favourite which doesn’t break the bank, but also gives a little variety in toys and collectables as well as having that all important surprise element, named Zuru 5 SURPRISE.

Once you get past the “Blue and Pink” options, I suspect aiming to relate to Boys and Girls, each sphere contains 5 different segments which are accessed by unwrapping the outer wrapping. Inside you’ll find that each segment also has a plastic covering meaning that children don’t have all of the surprises at once and you could even provide each segment at different opportunities, for example, if your child has done something worthy of a reward, staggering throughout a plane journey or even if you were potty training and wanted to have mini reward points.

With masses of different toys to collect (over 300 and counting  in fact), you still have the chance of a duplicate but you’d be really unlucky to have all 5 surprises as duplicates. Inside the pink balls we found things such as bouncing glitter putty, hair bobbles, key rings, stamps and hair clips whilst in the blue Zuru 5 SURPRISE we found bouncing balls, slime, toy cars, rubber bands and water balloons so a real mix for everyone.

Although the pink and blue is a little stereotypical, some of the surprises do cross over however with the inclusion of things such as hair bows and hair bobbles in the pink variety, it probably is necessary to have such differences to ensure all the surprises are utilised based on if the child is a girl or boy.

Retailing at around £5.99 each it does hit that middle price point without leaving you high and dry and it also means for that you (or your children) are getting 5 different surprises. I love the fact they are individually wrapped meaning the surprises don’t have to be used at once and can be easily split off for other things. Zuru 5 SURPRISE are in stores now but the price does vary to make sure you shop around.


As you can see from the photo’s above, both H and D really enjoyed not only the surprise element but also the toys and items they had inside with both the bouncing putty and slime being the popular options, although D also loved her hair bows and H his pretend joke maggots. 🙂


Does your child enjoy the blind bags / surprise toy element have you spotted Zuru 5 SURPRISE in stores, if so leave a comment below 🙂


Until next time





NB: We were provided with a sample of Zuru 5 SURPRISE balls in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.