Encouraging Girls to be Pretty Curious in STEM with EDF Energy

Wanting the best for their children is any parent’s main priority and when I was recently asked specifically about my daughter D, and what I thought her future holds, it got me thinking.

I’ve spoken previously about how much she is completely different in personalities than her brother, a lot more outspoken, a trait which I do hope she continues to hold as having this means she’s also incredibly decisive and with that comes a determination to not let anything get in her way. My hope is that this will allow her to break down unnecessary barriers and to challenge the world around her, just like the low representation of females in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing) related roles and subjects.


I’m a great believer in letting my daughter make her own decisions when deciding who she wants to be… whether that be to dress in pink, to dress in blue, to enjoy technology, to enjoy playing with dolls, to play football, it really doesn’t matter but equally I do want her to break down barriers, everyday sexism and to empower others to do the same too.

EDF Energy feel the same too via their Pretty Curious programme which aims to encourage girls to consider STEM careers and has been in operation since 2015.

This year they have teamed up with Disney and the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, aiming to use relatable lead female role models from the film, in the form of Rey and Rose, to inspire girls to pursue more STEM based subjects not only in school but into later lives and long term careers. Both these characters have very special STEM skills, and epitomise the breaking down of stereotypical barriers as well as being extremely successful in utilising such STEM skills.

EDF Energy are so passionate about this, they themselves have set industry leading targets internally to address the critical under-representation of women in their own STEM related careers. Back in 2015, when the programme first launched, they set an ambition that 30% of their STEM graduate and apprenticeship intake will be women by 2018. They have already passed this figure achieving 35% to date but want to further encourage others to follow suit.

It’s not always easy to understand what STEM actually means or entails and therefore through the creation of the Pretty Curious website, EDF Energy have provided several tools and activities to do just that.

On there you’ll find things such as quizzes (both for parents and children) to find out exactly which of the areas you are best suited to. Following this, there’s even the ability to build your own avatar in your desired role to see what you’ll look like. When taking it for D she came out suited to as an App Developer which doesn’t surprise me given her familiarity of using a tablet.

It’s one thing to promote lead roles in box-office films however EDF Energy also want to ensure they can make understanding such subjects and careers as real as possible so have also created a 360 degree virtual reality video featuring real life inspiring women already in STEM related careers and showcasing what a day in the life of their careers looks like.

There’s also additional information on the microsite as well featuring the ability to nominate a school to host a Pretty curious Studio to really get hands on as well as reports and other information. Infact EDF Energy have even created their own hashtag to allow like-minded individuals to connect with each other and share even more success stories, check out #PrettyCurious across social media channels now.


How do you envisage your daughter(s) growing up? Do you think STEM subjects are important or appealing enough and do you think more could be down to help encourage more girls into STEM related subject and careers?


I’ll love to hear your thoughts

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NB: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with EDF Energy however all opinions remain my own.