Elf on The Shelf (Attempted)

With H now approaching 4 years old we have decided to do what most of my social media timelines seem to be doing this year and partake in the Elf on the Shelf tradition, its easy right? Wrong….

For those that aren’t familiar with this, the story goes something like this… Santa is massively busy preparing for Christmas and in order to know who’s on his naughty and nice list he sends elves to all the little boys and girls houses to watch over them during the day before using their special magic to teleport back to the big man himself to let him know how the child has behaved and subsequently reappearing the next morning to start the process all over again, but not before playing a little game of hide and seek with the child in the morning. There are two rules:

  1. The child must give the elf a name
  2. The child can’t touch the elf or their magic will go and they will not be able to use it to report back to santa.

What the “hide and seek” has developed into over time seems to be a variety of different and creative ideas of what the elf has got up to upon its return.


There are multiple variations of the Elf you can purchase but we stuck with the official one which retails around £30 and comes with a story book explaining the concept. It includes a page at the back of the book to fill in containing your elf’s name and when he first visited your family.


With all this in mind we were set to commence it on December the 1st with all good buy isotretinoin intentions before realising that although we thought H would get the basic principal of EOTS, the thought of him asking for 24 days if its Christmas yet and trying to continuously complete 24 different activities whilst also mindful of D, our 14 week old, could prove a little difficult.

So, come Monday, we started it and boy, it is fun! Probably equally for the parents as the child, H completely gets it and even tells his Pop (granddad) the rules about not being able to touch him. All was going well until last night when due to Mrs F and I getting hooked on our weekly catch up of Homeland and Geordie Shore we forgot and went to bed. Queue the next morning when H got up and was disappointed to find the elf hadn’t change positions to the previous day… oops!


Thankfully the rule of “being able to openly tell white lies to your children for their own benefit” applied and I was able to confirm that the elf had got delayed in his journey to Santa due to traffic and must have got back late…

Needless to say we can’t use that excuse anymore…

So far our Elf, Jingle, has been boating in the bath, zip wiring through the kitchen and living room, reading a story to his teddy friends and more.


If anyone has any other “excuses they’ve used, please feel free to say in the comments section as I might be needing them soon….

Jim x


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