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HaHa, No, I’m not going to write a post about how Nick Knowles and his team have turned up to our house and performed a miracle. For a start, our house isn’t in a state having only purchased it three months ago and secondly, we are in no way as needing as some of the families featured on there, that show has me in tears everytime I watch it….

What I am going to blog about though over the coming months is our quest to turn our house into our family home. Having moved into our house just over three months ago, many people would look at the photo’s and say that it doesn’t need anything to it. By all means judge for yourself below.

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However, despite it being of an immaculate condition, both inside and out, we still feel the need to make our own mark of it, our family stamp. Currently rooms, every room in fact, is a magnolia colour, there are no photo’s and memories on the walls, the dinning room has carpeted floor (crazy given we have two children under 5), the garden is very order zithromax 500mg basic.

Thus we are going to start cracking on with the house and get it to a place we can really enjoy… all before Christmas 😮

Over the coming months, I will be sharing all our changes, wishes, disasters (as I know they’ll be one or two) and wish lists as we commence “Project House into a Home”.


Below is a list of initial tasks we hope to complete… I say initial as I haven’t consulted Mrs F so I suspect there will be more 😉

  1. Decorate D’s bedroom
  2. Decorate H’s bedroom (possible superhero theme)
  3. Complete Garden makeover (complete with refurbished playhouse and hidden trampoline)
  4. Decorate Living Room (including removal of existing fire)
  5. Add hard flooring to Dining Room
  6. Decorate Office
  7. Spruce up bathroom’s


Pretty much every room will have something done to it, on what scale is anyones guess (or Mrs F’s). All I know is I’m whats known in the trade as a beginner when it comes to DIY, I’ve dabbled, as we al have but don’t claim to have completed many projects in my lifetime so I had better hope that Mrs F’s Dad (Mr S) is willing to get stuck in 🙂


Until next time

Jim x