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Disney Sofia the First Review – Jakks Pacific Toys

We are massive Disney fans in our house, I pretty much grew up watching all of the original films on VHS (Video tape for those not old enough to know), know all of the songs (I’m not afraid to admit it)  and still have them in all in the attic now (even though I don’t own a VHS Player).

Over the years, Disney has somehow managed to continue to not only produce magical films but also some really classic mini series too, mainly thanks to their Disney Junior channels on digital TV, one of those and a firm favourite in our household is Sofia The First.


When we were sent a HUUGGGEEE package containing several Sofia The First toys from toy maker JAKKS Pacific we knew D would be excited and as it was her 2nd birthday a few days later, we decided to wrap it up and let her open it then.

The package contained:

1 x Sofia The First Royal Tiara (RRP. £6.99)

1 x Sofia The First Royal Camera (RRP. £9.99)

1 x Sofia the First with Royal Friend Figure (RRP. £5.99)

1 x Ruby with Royal Friend Figure (RRP. £5.99)

1 x Jade with Royal Friend Figure (RRP. £5.99)

1 x Mini Royal Prep Art Class playset (RRP. £9.99)

1 x Mini Princess Amber’s Closet playset (RRP. £9.99)

all complete within a perfect backpack and magazine for her to read as well (well mainly play with the stickers and point and look at the pictures but certainly got its own share of attention.


The first point to note is the price, typically buying even the littlest of sets nowadays tend to cost a pretty zithromax cheap online penny but JAKKS Pacific has managed to keep all of these below £10 which is not only great value for money but also allows your little ones to save their own pocket money and purchase them too.

We already have some Sofia The First sets too and these not only help to increase the collection in general but fit in perfectly well and allow us all to enjoy a Sunday afternoon make believe session together with Sofia and her friends.

My personal favourite was the Mini Perfect Prep Art Class play set which includes a small paint brush with sponge on the end which when wet, allows you to paint on the easel and watch as a painting magically appears before your eyes.

By watching D playing with the sets, I would have to say her favourite is the Sofia The First Royal camera which come complete with batteries (a rarity in toy land) and makes a clicking sound when pressed, it also includes a very retro style viewfinder which when the button is pressed, it displays another scene from Sofia the First. D loves wondering around taking pretend photo’s of Sofia and her friends as well as other toys she has and of course the family too (blogger in training).


The collection is perfect for any princess adventure and can be picked up along with more at Smyths Toys now, where would #SofiaAdventures take you?


Until next time

Jim x



NB: We were sent the above package of Sofia The First toys from Jakks Pacific in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.