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Dads Play Mission – Little Tikes

Spending time with the little ones is what I enjoy the most in life (and Mrs F of course), its an obvious choice though, being a full time working Dad I can quite easily be out of the house pre 6am and back from work post 7pm so there are moments where I don’t see their gorgeous faces during the week. My biggest fear is missing key milestones or not being able to look back and think I did all I could, when I could to maximise the time I spend with them.

It gets even harder with more than one child, at least with one you don’t need to worry about whether you are spending enough time with both children. Now H is well into his school journey, even when I work from home at times and Mrs F and D are at home, despite being in the office, it still feels like I’m kinda spending time with D as I’m nipping downstairs to grab a cup of tea or having lunch with them whereas H is at school and when he does come back, its straight into the tea, bath and bed routine before you know it.


Little Tikes contacted us as ambassadors recently during the summer holidays to see whether I’d be interested in taking part in their Dad’s Play Mission which involved not only getting hands on with their new Wheelz and Flyerz range of toys but also taking H out on a couple of day trips to enjoy some good quality father son time together, of course we said yes!!


Little Tikes are massive on making sure key milestones are reached and not missed through their extensive collection of indoor and outdoor toys so we knew their new Wheelz and Flyerz range would be great for just that.

We were sent their remote controlled Wheelz Tire Twister, 2 x Tire Racers (one for H and I) and their My First Flyer as well as tickets to Diggerland and CBeebies world to enjoy some time together as well as enjoying the toys, we were also given a video camera to record it all too, here’s ours below.



The Wheelz Tire Twister is a 2 in 1 remote controlled car which is able to move over loads of different surfaces such as mud, carpet and payments and is really durable too having cheap zithromax online taken a couple of falls from benches due to H’s carefree driving. The Car also comes with a giant wheel which when the car is placed in, it can do all kinds of tricks such as flipping over, doughnuts and more… think of it like a hamster in one of those balls. H really had great fun with this when we took it to Diggerland. Priced at £39.99 it is reasonably priced for a  remote control car and has proved hours of fun so far with H (and also D for that matter)

Little Tikes Wheelz

The My First Flyer is a great idea, its esentially a self hover crafting helicopter which is aimed at 3 years + and has a simple one touch remote control allowing your little one to navigate the helicopter around without having to worry about the height element. It also has protective propellers just in case like me, you happen to have the odd crash when playing with it. It also makes some great realistic noises too when taking off and flying around. My only criticism has to be that due to its lightweight body, the chopper struggled to stay in the air when we were outdoors, mainly due to it being impacted by the wind but its worth noting. £34.99

My First Flyerz

Finally the Tire Racers which are the lowest priced of the three at £9.99 and are a great stocking filler for siblings alike as these are push along racers which build up speed with the more revolutions you give them before letting go and seeing them race off down any path or kitchen floor. These are available in 4 different colours and cars too meaning each child can know which one is theres and who the winner is when their Tire Racer travels the furthest.

All three of the Wheelz and Flyerz range we were sent helps to improve not only H’s co-ordination but also helped us both to enjoy some good quality time together with the help of Little Tikes.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We are Little Tikes Ambassadors and were sent complimentary tickets to the two attractions names in the review as well as a selection of Wheelz and Flyerz Little tikes toys in exchange for a video of our days together as well as an honest review. All opinions remain our own.