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Dad Gift Guide Christmas 2016

Right, lets just get it out there now, Dad’s are not hard to get things for at Christmas time. Yes you heard me right, there are loads of things we would like, the issue is the price. As much as we are appreciative for opening something on Christmas Day, we really aren’t bothered with smaller items, yes we need socks every year. Yes, the odd self made present from your children is a lovely thought. Yes, booze is always needed but realistically these items are only purchased for us at Christmas as we are terrible at buying them normally throughout the year ourselves. Here’s my Dad Gift Guide of things we REALLY want this year…



Xbox One S gaming console

Having children means we don’t get to spend anywhere near as much time gaming as we used to but that said, we still harbour a hidden desire to load up our favourite football team on Fifa or go around thinking we are ‘The Don’ in Grand Theft Auto. The Xbox One is also a multimedia system too allowing you to not only watch your digital TV subscription through it, but also online streaming such as Netflix so won’t just collect dust like the other consoles did before them. £249



Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones

Now these come with a caveat, you can’t buy these for us and then expect you or any of the children are allow to use them. These are serious headphones with a fantastic sound and come in a variety of styles and colours. Being a Leicester City fan, I’ve chosen a pair I’ve seen some of the football team wearing but would love a pair of these for the morning commute or just to zone out and listen to some music. £205



LEGO Star Wars Death Star

I haven’t simply chosen this just because of my LEGO obsession but more as most Dads would have had some kind of association with LEGO even if they are not fortunate like me to be able to enjoy it again nowadays. Add that together with a classic film series such as Star Wars and you’ll be sure to bring out the boy in your Man / Dad on Christmas Day. £399



Jura E8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

I’ve been guilty of trying our several of the cheaper capsule coffee machines over several Christmases but I’m still yet to find something which compares to my favourite coffee shops so most of them have either been slowly decommissioned or found there way to the charity shops over the years. This Jura E8 isn’t cheap but certainly looks the part and being bean to cup means you can also put in your favourite coffee store beans and create that great taste at home. Think of it as a long term saving as the need to purchase overpriced coffees will be reduced upon buying this. Around £1,100



GoPro Hero 5

Action cameras are all the rage now but GoPro really have the edge, not only delivering what appears to be unbeatable video quality on action camera but now also including waterproofing within an additional case meaning it truly is ready to capture that moment at anytime. £349



Sonos Play 1

I’ve gone for cheapest option here but truth be told any of the Sonos products would be welcome under the tree come Christmas Day. Wireless music with fantastic sound and the ability to add several speakers to your home network and play them all at once or separately means you’ll have music in the shower, bathroom and bedroom during the festive period… ooo la la! £149



Sphero BB8 Force Touch Edition

Ok, I’ve already mentioned Star Wars once but this controllable little BB8 from Star Wars will have Dad thinking he really is a Jedi Knight as not only is this controllable by a smartphone, it also comes with a wrist strap helping to control the device as if you have the force! A must buy for any gadget obsessed Dad. £179.95



So there’s some ideas for Christmas presents for Dad this year, I can fire out many more providing you aren’t restricting yourself by the budget of a pair of socks, some Old Spice and a comfy pair of Slippers. Give me a shout in the comments if you want some and I’ll be sure to fire some your way.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: NONE of these products have been gifted to me for the purposes of this gift guide although I’d happily accept them, likewise if anyone wants to purchase them or if Mrs F is reading this then knock yourself out and buy away 🙂