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Cosatto Supa Go Magic Unicorns Review

Those of you that follow my blog will know what we have just come back from our summer family holiday in Gran Canaria and although the plane journey was a little stressful at times, the holiday was great and a real chance to spend some quality time together and forget about the 9-5 (or 7-7 for a more honest assessment), forget about everything else normal and enjoy some sun.

One of the biggest decisions was whether to take a pushchair for D. She’s nearly two now so is at that age where she wants to walk rather than be strapped in but equally we wanted to do some exploring whilst abroad as well as knowing that we’d be stopping out quite late during our holidays (well if you can’t have late nights out abroad then when can you) so had made the decision we had to take one. The problem you have though is we are self confessed “pushchair¬†snobs”, having no less than 7 different ones first time around when we had H. I’m glad to report we have only had two with D but even though we have these, we didn’t want to lug our existing pushchair on holiday with us, it’s not light and luggage handlers tend to treat them like crap (I could be far more brutal with this assessment) and they cost a lot of money just to get damaged.

We equally didn’t want what we call (don’t judge me) a “throwaway pushchair”, you know the ones, flimsy, cheap, possibly character based, all the things I hate (yes I told you I was a pushchair snob).

Cosatto Supa Go Magic Unicorns Review

When cosatto got in touch to ask if we wanted to test out their Cosatto Supa Go Magic Unicorns range pushchair Mrs F was jumping for joy. Cosatto aren’t you usual boring designer, they have a fantastic range of designs from animals to transport, natural to abstract all in a array of bright and bold colours and of course our favourite, unicorns and rainbows… Who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows. Cosatto are so confident in their products they even offer a 4 year warranty too which really gives you piece of mind their products will last.

Having checked out the spec (typical Dad), it was light, compact when folded (you can do this one handed too) had lots of space and importantly fully reclined for when D needed a nap as well as looking fantastic too.

Out of the box it took two minutes to set up having only needed to attach the hood and it was clear that D loved it as much as we did as she actually asked to get in, loving the “horsey” design, making the clip clop sound… H meanwhile loved the box and enjoyed a colouring session on it whilst we did laps in the garden in excitement.

Cosatto 4 year warranty

Taking it abroad online zithromax with us was a doddle, it was so easy to collapse meaning we took it right up to the airport gates with us and even though we found a makeshift bag to cover half of it to ensure it wasn’t damaged by luggage workers it more than survived the test of baggage control.

When abroad it looked fantastic against the sunny landscape and the extended UPF50+ hood really helped D being able to hide from the sun as well as being fully reclining so she could nap during the mid day sun.

Cosatto Supa Go Review

The basket underneath is a really good size to store all the esentials such as towels, buckets and spades during the day and iPads and blankets at nights and maybe a few snacks for mum and dad too…. It also doubled up as a great makeshift transporter carrying all our daily baggage such as towels, armbands, toys and sun cream, cameras, books and more when I was completing the early morning trips to queue up for sunbeds whilst the rest of the family slept ūüėČ

The detailing on the Supa Go is present throughout the whole pushchair with the gorgeous unicorn and rainbow design on the outside and pink sky and white clouds inside the hood as well as smaller rainbows on the handles.


My only bug bare was the 5 point harness… although great for ensure D’s safety it is a little fiddly to get used to as it involves sliding one part into another which when you have a tired unwilling 23month old at 10pm, this is a little difficult to manoeuvre until you get the hang of it.


It really stood the test of uneven surfaces abroad as well as beach use with no sign of any wear or tear, typically from experience present on cheaper types of foldable pushchairs.

I initially wasn’t sure if we’d use a foldable pushchair following our holiday but really enjoy using it now we are back in England, I think it’s mainly due to the design as well as ease of use and I also have faith it will last a long time.

We can’t wait to explore the Cosatto range even more and I know Mrs F has her eyes on their gorgeous car seats now too so watch this space, or probably my Instagram feed for the first signs…

Hands up if you Love Cosatto!

Hands up if you Love Cosatto!

For more information of all of Cosatto’s range including our much loved Cosatto Supa Go Magic Unicorn pushchair, check out their colourful site here.


Everyone needs some Unicorns and Rainbows in their lives, even in this pants summer we are having…


Until next time

Jim x


NB: I was sent a Cosatto Supa Go Magic Unicorns pushchair in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own (and Mrs F’s).