Christmas is Over

Christmas is officially over… well it is in our house. Every year it seems we can’t wait for the decorations to go up but equally we can’t wait for them to go down. We don’t abide by the 12 days before and after rule as if your anything like us, Christmas day and the following days resemble a bomb site followed by the panic that we have over bought for H and now D also.

Then begins the slow process of regaining the living room floor space vs looking like scrooges and taking the tree down too early. What happens is a stealth like process of a handful of presents disappearing on a daily basis until we take the decision to pack Christmas, its tree, novelty singing and dancing Santa’s, elves and reindeers all away for another year.


The process albeit painstaking does somehow make you feel you have a bigger room than before as somehow you manage to have space you never thought you had…. this reminds me of one of H’s favourite books “A Squash and a Squeeze” written by Julia Donaldson.


H has all of the Julia Donaldson collection and absolutely loves them, they are always so fun and easy to read and the illustrations by Axel Scheffler as fantastic.


Back onto Christmas… this year was a largely quiet affair as only having a small extended family means we don’t have the luxury (I’m sure those with large buy generic zithromax us families don’t say that) of having family over, or going to visit parent’s across the day. It was Mrs F and I as well as the two little ones. With it being D’s first christmas it was a special one but did mean that although there were only the four of us, it felt incredibly stressful and busy. Whilst I set about cooking the Christmas dinner, Mrs F was giving the task of having to deal with a massively overwhelmed 3 year old who simply didn’t know what he wanted, opening presents at a rapid pace, wanting to play with them for 10 seconds, before moving onto the next, as well as D, 4 months old now and needing stimulation as well as Mrs F’s own supply of milk…. I definitely think I got the better deal.


Christmas dinner was a success, in fact we even managed to eat it whilst D was sleeping which is a massive rarity. (I like to think I planned it that way but truth be told, pure fluke).


Thankfully we did have an invite from one of Mrs F’s friends parents to join them in the evening for a drink so Cabin fever didn’t set in. We managed to get both children in bed for 8pm before sitting down to watch some christmas repeats (did anyone else think TV was pants this Christmas) before nodding off around 9:30pm…. Rock and Roll!