Christmas comes early with Halfords Kids Zone

For me, remembering back to Christmas Day when I was little, the streets were awash with children showing off their new bikes, skateboards, roller skates and scooters. Nowadays, those numbers are sadly in decline, mainly thanks to gifts such as tablets and computers games consoles taking the brunt of requests to Santa. Although I most definitely think there is a place for such gift and technology (obviously, I’m a gadget geek myself), I also think having the ability to spend more time adventuring and exploring is equally important, so when Halfords sent D one of their fantastic bikes from their Kids Zone, Christmas really had come early for her.

Now I’m a parent, Christmas for me is really about watching the magic and enjoyment experienced through my children’s eyes and being able to spend time together. Thankfully although my employment is demanding most of the year, I am also able to take a couple of weeks off during the festive season to switch off and enjoy time with those that matter the most.

Although I love spending days indoors, in our Pyjama’s ,enjoying playing with toys left by Santa and eating far too many chocolates and treats, I am also guilty of getting cabin fever quickly too and therefore also being able to go outdoors and explore is an equal enjoyment.

Christmas walks and adventures in the crisp winter sun and hearing that crunch when you walk on the frosted grass is such a great feeling however due to the children’s ages, they quickly get tired feet and therefore we would typically take H’s scooter and D’s pushchair in order to combat this.

D’s getting a bit too old for her pushchair now though and also a little too heavy to carry to when Halford’s jumped in to ask if we wanted to test out one of their huge collection of Kids Bikes we jumped at the chance. Halford’s offer a massive range of bikes, scooters and ride on toys as well as its own microsite, Kids Zone, dedicated to helping to find the right set of wheels for your little ones (and older ones for that matter). They even offer a storage service just in case Santa can’t fit it in his warehouse until close to the big day ūüėČ

We chose the Pendleton Bayley Balance Bike (RRP £80) as we loved the vintage look of the bike as well as carrying the name of the former Olympic cyclist gold medal winner (and now horse jockey), Victoria Pendleton. Its price is also incredibly low for such a well made bike and with it being a balance bike, means its light and compact enough to carry around when D wants to walk or play.


The balance bike itself also benefits from having a front brake to help save those footwear soles when stopping as well as mudguards and a wicker basket to really give it that vintage / classic look. Its 12″ wheels means its ideal for 3-5 year olds and is the perfect interim bike to learn the basics of balancing before progressing to a traditional bike.

D is absolutely over the moon with her new bike, already getting to grips with the push along nature of a balance bike… I think without no time at all she’ll be speeding up and down our street making my heart pound frantically in a typical parent worry kinda way.


Asking her what she likes about the bike and her top three things are;

  1. The Basket – perfect for putting her “Rabby” (Rabbit/Bunny) soft toy in it.
  2. The seat – a big cushioned seat now affectionately know as “My brown seat”
  3. Its size – given she’s very much like her Dad (slightly small) its the perfect size for her and allows her to jump on and off without any help from Mrs F or I.

Giving it her now, even though its just before Christmas means come the feature period she’ll be very much accustomed to her new wheels and means adventures outside on Christmas Day and beyond, just like when I was younger, can begin.


Are you a firm believer of adventures outdoors as well as in, how are you planning on ensuring you get the right balance this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below


Until next time




NB: We were provided with a Pendleton Bayley Balance Bike in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.