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Building with LEGO Duplo – Minnie’s Cafe 10830

As you know, we are massive fans of LEGO in the OneDadOneBlog house. There’s nothing more that H and I love doing when indoors than getting all our LEGO out and having a massive imagination session. Whether its, Angry birds attacking Scooby Doo in the Haunted Mansion or a Jurassic Park dinosaur terrorising the Jokerland Themepark, with LEGO anything is possible… That is until my youngest, D whats to get involved…

Whilst LEGO is great for children who you don’t have mild panic attacks when they put a brick near their mouths, ears, nose, its not so great for those with the little wandering hands. Thats where LEGO Duplo comes in, the giant brother of LEGO, these bricks, components and parts are so big, there is no need to panic or have to watch your little ones when around them…

D and H’s relationship is really growing as D is able to communicate more and one activity they both enjoy together is playing with the Duplo we have. Even though H is a lover of the main LEGO, he is still able to use his imagination with Duplo and teach his sister all about how the bricks connect together, helping to improve and develop his sisters purchase zithromax dexterity and co-ordination in the process.

LEGO Duplo 10830

Duplo, just like LEGO also do themed sets and we were recently given the LEGO Duplo Minnie’s Cafe 10830 set to add to our collection. With recognisable characters like Minnie Mouse, D loves playing with Duplo even more and is easily able to fit Minnie into the plane provided and really start to built her imagination bank just like her older brother.


The set is only 27 pieces and retails for around £16.99. As mentioned earlier, with it being Duplo, you know that there are no fears of her sticking the bricks where they shouldn’t go. Alongside Minnie and the accompanying airplane, there’s a cafe to build as well as flower and table and chair should the little minx want to take a break.

Having recently seen the LEGO Friends collections at the LegoLand Launch Party we were invited to, I know that H and I will have another partner in crime to enjoy more lego sessions as D develops her LEGO love… and H and I also LOVE the LEGO Friends collections too 😉


Until Next Time

Jim x


NB: I was kindly sent the LEGO Duplo Minnie’s Cafe set 10830 in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.