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Building Independently with LEGO Juniors

Lego Juniors 10720

I make no apology for the volume of LEGO posts on the blog lately, its one of our stable toys which we can always revert to and enjoy regardless of the weather. A lot of the LEGO sets we are fortunate to review are aimed at higher age ranges than H, which although when it comes to playing with them, its irrelevant, when it comes to building them, they are either (a) Too long or (b) Too complicated for H and therefore I end up building them. (I am not complaining one bit about this by the way, I love it ūüėČ ). This is where the LEGO Junior range comes in though…

LEGO Junior is aimed at that bracket between LEGO Duplo and LEGO where children are ready to start experimenting with the smaller bricks but attention spans and patience are still lagging for the Ghostbusters HQ or Millennium Falcon.

Both the ease of build and number of pieces are taken into consideration to allow younger LEGO fans to build their own sets independently and help to increase their confidence and continue their journey within the LEGO family.

We managed to get our hands on a couple of sets, (I’ve put some aside for our forthcoming family holiday so I’ll cover those at a later date) but for now I let H loose on LEGO buy amoxicillin Juniors 10720 – Police Helicopter Chase. The set is still part of the popular LEGO City range so was very familiar to H and comes in at 63 pieces.

The clever thing about this though is the main helicopter is a whole piece and therefore children can instantly visualise what they are helping to create and thus retain their focus. H found the instructions easy to understand and other than the odd piece, completed the set on his own and then roles reversed and he invited Daddy to join in and play with the finished set.


We spent a fair amount of time, stealing LEGO money from the ATM and being tracked down by the helicopter and thrown into the back of it to be taken to jail… or in some cases, H let the thief out the back of the helicopter mid air…. much to his amusement.

Lego Juniors

Coming in at around £8.99, it poses great value for money and really does bridge that gap between Duplo and the larger LEGO sets. It gets a big thumbs up from us.


Until Next Time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with some of the LEGO Junior range in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are mine and H’s