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Bibetta Neoprene Rudolph Bib

I don’t know about you but we have a mountain basket full of bibs, all sorts, those cheap ones with thin wipeable plastic backs but semi-absorbable fronts, the all hard plastic ones with mandatory “troff” at the bottom, those full sleeved ones like you have at school when painting. Some of theme are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, but the ones we find ourselves going back to time and time again are the ones made of Neoprene from Bibetta.

We first came across them from when H was a baby and loved the fact not only were they thicker than your standard bibs meaning they were super absorbent and nothing seeped through, waterproof and they was able to soak up a significant amount of fluids. The critical part was that they wash fantastically well both being easily wiped clean but more importantly through the washing machine… and even dryer!


I’m not sure about you but stains like strawberries, in fact any kind of ‘berries’ are a nightmare to get off through a good hand wash and whenever you put other bibs through the washing machine, they either start to deteriorate rapidly after several washes, or those hard plastic ones seem to soak in a good stain and it becomes part of the grain never to be removed ever! With the Bibetta Neoprene ones, its so tough and durable that it washes just like normal clothes. Its also goes one better than the hard plastic ones as it rolls up small cheap zithromax cheap enough to fit in a pocket and isn’t rigid.


Bibetta Neoprene Rudolph BibThey last forever too, well maybe not forever as I can’t confirm this, but we still use H’s first Bibetta Neoprene Bib on D now and its approaching four years old and still looks as good as new after its been through the wash. We only have 3 of them but, one for each of our change bags and one for home but thats all you honestly need.


D “Two Spoons”

I was looking for something Christmas related for D to wear around the table on Christmas Day when Bibetta let us know they were releasing a special Rudolph version of their bib and kindly sent us one given how much we are fans of them.

Just like their other Neoprene bibs, the Bibetta Neoprene Rudolph Bib is made of the same high standards as well as featuring a reversible catcher at the bottom (which showcases Rudolphs name) should your little one have a tendency to miss their mouths from time to time.


We can’t wait to give our little one a Christmas day bib to match the occasion and would say if your looking for a bib which isn’t about to become the latest member of the “bib mountain”, then look up Bibetta’s Neoprene collection today.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: Although we were kindly sent a Bibetta bib, we were under no obligations to review the product, I have done so as we are such fans of them.