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Amazon Fire Stick – Nights Away Made Easier

Amazon Fire Stick

I tend to travel a fair bit around the UK since I started my new job back in January. I mean, I did travel before I took this job but overnight stays were not something I regularly did as I always planned my diary to ensure I was back in the evening.

One of the main reasons for that was I didn’t want to miss my family (obvs – Hello Mrs F if you’re reading this), but another reason is I’m really not able to enjoy hotel stays alone. Its not that I don’t want to because I do… who wouldn’t enjoy a child free night, a fully expensed meal and cooked breakfast… My problem though is I just don’t sleep well alone in them and often find myself up until the late hours watching the hotels usual poor selection of TV channels until my body gives in and I nod off.

The obvious answer for me is to take some of my favoured tech to at least make the evening more pleasurable however most of the time I’ll take the train to these destinations in order to be productive so carrying two laptops (work and personal) isn’t really practical and I often leave the tablet at home for Mrs F to use (hint hint we could do with a second one Mrs F).


One thing that I have started taking though is my Amzon Fire Stick, I was given one of these to review and instantly thought, why do I need this? What’s it going to give me in addition to what many of my current tech already does, the answer became very clear… Ease and portability!


The Amazon Fire Stick is a portable buy zithromax no prescription media player, ok granted you do need wifi but pretty much every hotel has wifi nowadays. As well as the sticks primary existence is having Amazon Prime TV (which I confess to have never experienced) it also has many other apps you are able to download, one of those being my trusted Netflix meaning I’m able to take it along with me wherever I go and simply pop it in the HDMI port of the hotel TV and enjoy some of my favourite box sets / movies without having to pay additionally for them at the hotel… and no I don’t mean those types…

Amazon Fire Stick

Once set up and registered (literally just inputting your Amazon log in details), it requires no extra work, and the easy to use accompanying remote and operating platform means you don’t need to be a IT Geek like me to understand how to use it.

As well as this, there are also benefits to having one at home too as if we wanted to watch Netflix on our bedroom TV, we just simply plug it in and voila! Our TV is transformed within seconds.

There’s various apps and games you are able to download and install which I’m yet to get explore as for me, just having a portable Netflix player has already won me over… H also thinks its great being able to watch iPlayer in the play room too.

The price is only £34.99 from Amazon and represents great value for families, households and travelling individuals alike. I’d well recommend one.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: I was provided with an Amazon Fire Stick in exchange for an honest opinion and all views are my own