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HELLO! Come on in, take a pew and enjoy a good cup of tea!

One Dad One Blog was originally created as when we were expecting our eldest, H (soon to be 8), I was massively scared about becoming a father, I would spend many nights searching the internet for any kind of guidance but realised that the “textbook” materials were exactly that, based on ideal scenarios. I then stumbled across several “mummy blogs” but quickly realised there were very little “Dad Blogs” and if they were, majority of them were based in the US and I struggled to relate due to differences in everyday life. I decided that as I am a bit of a “tech geek” I wanted to create my own little space, something which would be a mix of all things but would have any experiences of fatherhood I picked up along the way, thus creating OneDadOneBlog.

About me…? Born in the East Midlands (Leicester) before moving to university in Staffordshire and meeting the love of my life, L / Mrs F. I work full time as an auditor (in Risk and not financials) travelling the country and working with all kinds of companies, although it does mean that it can involve my fair share of overnight stop outs. I love all things technology and was for many years,  a self confessed Apple fanboy. More recently (3 years ago) I finally made the long wished move away (well with my smartphone at least) to android based devices and haven’t looked back. I love exploring new gadgets and things which make your life easier. More recently I’m fascinated by the “smart home” and smart technology and am currently building up our own smart home, much to Mrs F’s amusement.

L is my wife. She’s beautiful (better looking than me…although not as funny), teaches young adults with behavioural / learning difficulties and is the perfect mummy. L suffers from Fibromyalgia although never let’s it restrict her, despite putting on a brave face many times, I know she is hurting inside. L loves fashion (well dressing H and D in the latest trends), experimenting with crafts, trash TV and during the children’s younger years was a self confessed pram-a-holic, having no less than 7 during H’s early days and 5 with D. Nowadays she loves exploring Make-up, beauty and home interiors and is definitely the creative one out of the two of us.

6 years after meeting L at university we had our first child, “Harrisaurus”. H is now 7 (soon to be 8 he’ll have me mention) and very much in the midsts of his schooling adventure. Although he can come across as shy to others, H has a love for all things arts, such as shows, music and dancing. He’s also like me and a budding tech geek, he loves exploring new technology and is scarily quick to pick things up, despite us as parents wanting to hold him back at times so he can enjoy the simple pleasures of growing up such as his beloved Micro Scooter or exploring outdoors. He’s very much entering his journey into gaming with initially dabbling with my PS4 but swiftly moving on to the Nintendo Switch as well as the xbox, mainly enjoying games such as Mario, LEGO and Minecraft to name a few.

A year after having H, Mrs F and I got married in Sorrento, Italy. A fantastic country as well as being the perfect intimate wedding with our small group of family and close friends. I would urge anyone with a small family and friends unit to consider it.

The final piece of the jigsaw came in 2014 when D was born. This little princess diva is now 4 but you would think she’s 14. An amazing grasp of her emotions and it amazes me how someone so small can be so loving and caring… but equally have her own diva strops at times. She loves all things Princess, fashion, LOL Dolls and enjoying “Mummy Afternoons” having recently started at the school nursery (previously private nursery) so is quickly realising these days won’t last much longer.

As a family we love going out on adventures, live for the weekends together, eating as a family and creating fantastic memories. We recently announced that 2019 will be the year we visit Orlando Florida and Walt Disney World for the first time. Having kept it a secret from the children for 3 months, we couldn’t wait to tell them with just 100 days remaining and have well and truly started the planning.

I’m most definitely more active on my Twitter and Instagram rather than my Facebook page and more recently have gained a real love of creating videos over on my YouTube channel.

I intend to write reviews about all things family, days out and my love for gadgets…hopefully combining the first and last. If anyone wants me to review their products / services please feel free to get in touch.