Family Time

A Day at Work with Ellie

I travel a fair bit with my day job, not in a glamorous way, just from town to town, city to city and usually its either a one day capacity or for a couple of nights. Most recently I’ve found myself travelling down to London and as much as I’m entitled to stop in a hotel when down there, I usually travel back home each day. Sure it does get a little tiring, but truth be told, stopping away from home is no jolly, I often get an anxious feeling when being away from the family. I instantly miss them and wish I was back there, not just the FOMO (Fear of missing out) but more the FONHO (Fear of not helping out) which I put on myself.


Being a small family its tough, you don’t have the usual layers of extended family you can call upon to look after the children after school or weekends; someone who might help by doing the ironing, the cooking, the cleaning; someone to drop a meal around when you’ve had a long day. All those things have to always be done by yourselves. Its something Mrs F and I have grown good at if I do say so myself, you have to, its sink or swim. I’m not moaning by any stretch, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was envious of some though as it often means that mundane things might need to be done rather than doing the things we really must do. It also means we have to have military style planning to ensure the children are catered for each week and our work commitments are also met.

As mentioned above, this week I found myself in the Capital and in order to make sure I can return home at a reasonable time, it means leaving in the morning at an ungodly time so just as I was about to creep out the door, D hears the usual pin drop (AKA my creeping down the stairs) and pops her head out of her room. “Daddy, I will miss you today but could you take Ellie to work with you to make sure you don’t miss me”.


Not only does the above give you instant MASSIVE parent guilt but also melts your heart, this little 4 year old is learning quickly that not only her but others have emotions too. For those wandering who Ellie is, its a Jellycat soft cuddly Elephant we bought for her after her great nanna sadly passed away last year, a way of ensuring she continued to remember her Great Nanny as they had a lovely relationship. Ellie is obviously massively precious so we rarely let D leave the house with it.

Knowing that disagreeing with a freshly woken 4 year old could have the potential to bring the house down, I agreed to take him thinking I’d leave him in my car at the station and tell a little white lie later in the day to confirm he intact did enjoy a day at work with me in London that day…


When I got to the station though, I decided that today would be different…….

Ellie and I had a great day in London (even if I did feel a fool at times taking a stuffed elephant out of my rucksack to take photo’s of him), the smile on D’s face when she saw the images were priceless.


Things you do for your kids eh?


Until next time