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Five Binge Worthy Netflix Series for the New Year

We’ve been Netflix lovers since we were originally asked to be part of the Netflix Stream Team back in 2015 and even after our year long term came to an end, was so impressed we continued to subscribe on a paying basis and if I’m being truly honest, didn’t even bat an eye lid when the recent price increase was announced. The reason, its SOOOOO good!!! I would say Mrs F and I watch about 80% of our viewing on this, the kids probably 50% and thats some going considering we pay for the full package on Sky as well… something I could see stopping in the new year.

As the nights have continued to draw in and now thankfully every day we are beginning to see more light return (slowly I know but true), Mrs F and I have been enjoying snuggling up and watching various Netflix series on the bounce with not even a slight hint of what to view next drying up. As a result, I thought I’d give you 5 binge worth Netflix series you must watch.


1. The Sinner

Sometimes you find a new series and it takes you a couple of episodes to get into, this crime drama mystery is gripping from the start when a young mother kills someone in public but has no idea why she did it…. Staring Jessica Biel as lead actress Cora Tannetti this 1 season series is great if you don’t have long periods of time on your hands.


2. Glitch

This is one I must confess to cheating on Mrs F with… she has a tendency to fall asleep much before me so I found this one whilst up on my own and got far too deep into it to turn back and queue it up for the next series. Glitch an Australian paranormal series set in a fictional country town of Yoorana and begins when a local policeman, James Haynes, is called to the village cemetery on reports of several people rising from their graves in perfect health but no memory of their identities or whats happened. When James recognises one of them and a handful go on walkabouts, James struggles to keep it underwraps whilst trying to work out this mysterious miracle.

Two seasons long but a real easy watch but one that keeps you on suspense about what will happen next and the truth behind it all.


3. The Killing

The longest series of them all, but in my opinion, the best. A 4 seasons long, this crime / mystery / series drama will have enough episodes to keep you going for a while yet and although we are only into season 2, we are hooked and fine that most nights will try and squeeze at least one (maybe one and a half episodes) into the night time viewing. A young girl is found dead in the boot of a car sunken in a lake and homicide detectives, Linden and Holder (from various back stories of their own) are tasked with trying to solve the mystery. Those thinking that 4 seasons maybe a long time for them to solve it, will be amazed by the plot twists and turns along the way. I can’t wait to see how this one pans out…


4. Gypsy

Another I watched alone (I know, I cheat on Mrs F a lot) this 1 season long Netflix Original psychological thriller is based on a caring therapist, known as Jean Holloway, who oversteps personal and professional boundaries as she begins to develop relationships with people close to her patients, under the alias Diane Hart. Its a real jaw opener and will really keep you gripped and waiting for if or when her own walls will come crashing down.


5 The OA

An older one but this one left me wanting more, which although isn’t great when you reach the end of the season at the time, isn’t a bad thing as it keeps you thinking for some time to come. The OA is a mystery drama which has hints of Netflix classics such as Stranger Things, Twin Peaks and The Returned. The OA is based around actress and producer Brit Marling who stars as a young woman named Prairie Johnson who reappears after being missing for seven years. Prairie now calls herself “The OA” and can now see, despite having been blind before her disappearance. Refusing to tell both her parents and the local Police what happened to here, she gathers 5 local residents from the area to retell her story to in the hope of asking for their help to save others in another portal. Don’t be playing with your mobile phone with this one or you’ll lose the ploy pretty quickly.


So there we are, five Netflix series to sink your teeth into in the new year. Are you currently gripped in a series like us? I’ve heard good things about both The Crown and Black Mirror but so far haven’t ventured there just yet. If you have any recommendations, leave them below in the comments.


Until next time